AU Diary: Now What Should I Play?

Yesterday I mentioned I finally got that PS3. It's now plugged in and everything! But what do I play?

Specifically, I'm interested in your suggestions for worthwhile downloadable games. I know Shatter is good and I'm curious about some of the Pixeljunks, Eden and the upcoming Shooter in particular. I've played Flower before, so don't mention that. And anything that's also available on XBLA or even PC is something I've probably already bought or didn't interest me in the first place.

What else should I check out?


    Fat Princess, for the online play more than the single player.

    WipeoutHD if you're a Wipeout fan.

    PixelJunk Monsters is cool if you're in to tower defense.

    ZEN Pinball if you're in to pinball (not sure if this is exclusive to PSN or also on XBLA).

    Keep an eye out for Dead Nation, it looks pretty good (currently unreleased).

    Noby Noby Boy (from the Katamari guy, expect wierd).

    Super Stardust HD, basic fun space shooter thing with coop.

    S├Âldner-X: Himmelsst├╝rmer

    PAIN is worth a look too.

      I forgot to add. If you haven't already, make sure to create a US PSN account as well as an Aussie one, that way you can get access to stuff a little earlier, albeit for the US price.

        don't listen to anyone that tells you PAIN is good. Definition of boring

        I'd go with;
        Wipeout HD

        and get a jap psn account going too for the latest demos & movies

    Shadow Comp... Oh wait... Never Mind...

      ha yea, SC is an awesome game!

    Fat Princess

    video games!

      Haha +1

    but seriously folks, get fat princess that ones ace

    Some Great downloadable games on PSN are:

    - Crash Commando: Basically a side scrolling TF2 with jetpacks, simple, awesome, multiplayer fun.

    - Flow: A bit old now, but still worth a play.

    - Trine: You may have already played this on PC, but if not, you really should give it a try on PS3.

    Hope this helps :)

      Yeah, Crash Commando is really great fun too. A more casual take on Soldat.

    You should play Halo 3


    its fun, single player is breif but entertaining, the narrator is awsome.

    its like TF2 for me, basically fun in small doses but repeditive/frustrating after a while, but leave it a week and it goes back to being fun again.

    its the game i play when between games. i can come back to it a month from now and still be equal to everyone else in the game.


    if you can get 4 people physicaly in front of the TV this game is a hoot. like smash bros with no skill curve. it take 5 minutes to learn and 8 minutes to master, so everyone plays at the same level. my mate handed the controllers to his sister and her husband, they just went for it and could keep up with me and my friend from the get go.


    not as valuable as 3 months ago, when there were zero titles out final fantasy 7 kept me occupied for 3 weeks, at a fraction of the cost of a new relese title. value for money.

    But seriously, play some Shadow Complex

    I'm disappointed by lack for Flower =\

      Oh nevermind, i didn't read the post thoroughly =/

    Out of the PSN exclusives I have, these are the ones I like best:

    * Warhawk
    * Wipeout
    * Pixeljunk Eden
    * Superstardust
    * Shatter
    * Zen Pinball
    * Siren
    * Flower

    Don't forget to try Home and Vidzone - they are both pretty good.

    Ok - like most here - Super Stardust, Wipeout HD Fury and Fat Princess

    BUT - what you should really be doing - is signing up for a Japanese and US account - the Aus store is gimped! still no MGS on Ps1 classics!

    Ratchet and Clank: Quest for booty.

    Rag. Doll. Kung. Fu.

    Super Smash Brothers meets LBP, me and my mate have had hours of laughs with it and we play it EVERY time I come over.

    Seriously, even more than Smash! :O

    Warhawk for sure. It gets a lot of bad rep, but give it a go, it's well worth your time, certainly one of the most underrated games on PS3.
    4 player splitscreen online doesn't hurt either - get some makes over with a couple of cartons and have some fun.

    trash panic is really worth 8 bucks i challenge you to beat it in on the main dish mode in under a month

    Lol I'm glad I didn't just buy a ps3 and ask everyone what's best because I'd be taking it back after all these suggestions.

    For a basic shoot 'em up SSHD do is extremely addictive, but that's all it is a really polished shoot 'em up. You also can't go wrong with any of the PixelJunk games.

    Uncharted 2. I just *KNOW* you'll love it David!! XD

    Eden is great. Lotsa replay value there and I've not even finished the levels. Haven't tried any other PJ games but am looking forward to Shooter.

    A friend loves Stardust and Shatter, but he's into mindless shooters :)

    Just to regurgitate what's already been said:

    WipeOut HD
    Super Stardust HD
    Ratchet & Clank: Tools of Destruction
    Uncharted 2, of course
    MotorStorm: Pacific Rim

    Stay the hell away from the Resistance franchise, especially the second one. They're just not fun.

    Perhaps I'm mistaken, but could it be that nobody has suggested Valkyria Chronicles yet? That game is a must-play!

      Thanks for the suggestions everyone. Just to clarify: I'm only looking for PSN games that aren't also on XBLA or PC.

    get castle crashers that games the bomb ... lol just kidding i dont thin k i have to state the obvious (uncharted etc.) but i hear the PS3 has the superior version of batman AA maybe worth a look i dont know im an XBRO

      Castle Crasher will come to PS3 ;)
      But I'm sure David have played that on XBOX360.

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