AU Diary: Tekken Your Questions

AU Diary: Tekken Your Questions

Attention fighting game fans! I require your assistance immediately!

Tomorrow I’ll be chatting with Katsuhiro Harada, Series Producer and Director for Tekken. He’s in town for the launch of Tekken 6. Thing is, as regular readers will understand, I know nothing about fighting games.

So I’m going to ask him whatever you want me to ask him. (As long as it’s about Tekken and fighting games in general.)

Leave your questions in the comments.


  • 1. Whats with the no record function in trainning mode? Will this be patched?

    2. Whats with the problems of customising player 2 costumes?

    3. Is multiplayer region locked?

    • Thats Alisa, she’s a cyborg, the chainsaw is apart of her.

      Customisations in the normal game are cosmetic except some for the special items which are more like taunt/fun items.
      ie. ling’s wand will turn your opponent’s head into a panda head, or bryan has a gattling gun or something that does hardly any damage but is slow startup, making it not really useful but just a taunt.

      Not sure for the scenario mode though..

    • Never actually read up on the Characters, so I do feel like somewhat of a tool now not knowing that… :p

      seeing alot of media popup about the game, in 99% of them Alisa seems to be in them and in a normal state, so you can understand where I may have been confused! :p

      Though I still believe that screenshot looks pretty ridiculous and another where she has removed her head also…

  • Alot of people draw inspiration for their games from other games/movies/ect… what was/continues to be the biggest influence for the Tekken Series?

    also; Tekken has been running for quite some time, what do you imagine when you think of the future of tekken and what you’d like to see in future versions?

  • – what inspired the costume colabiration with external sources we are seeing in tekken 6? for example the cardboard tube samurai outfit for yoshimitsu.

    – what are the challenges of adding characters to the existing story of tekken? such as raven from the previous game.

    – you have now contributed to two of the biggest fighting game licence out there (tekken and soulcalibur IV apparently, as director and co-director respectively) how do the two compare to one another?

  • Tekken has traditionally been in competition with Virtua Fighter (as well as Namco’s own Soul Calibur) as the number 1 competitive 3D fighting game. What measures are you taking to gain and keep the upper hand in this fight?


    Do you think there is a market for online play in fighting games? Many fighting games have implemented it in the past few years, but it seems lacking when you can’t sit next to your opponent and laugh in their face when you win. Do you think with the move to online that you lose some of that atmosphere that’s pretty unique to fighting games?

  • ask him what he was thinking putting guns in Tekken? has the USA totally taken over the world of video games away from Japan with excessive firepower (shooting games)? is that why the game market is dead in japan and no-one in the east or west seems to care?

    • As someone that plays Tekken somewhat competitively;
      the guns in the game are novelty items and don’t offer any advantage other than a chuckle. All the guns usable are either slow, duckable or sidesteppable and do such a minimal amount of damage that it isn’t worth using (at least in the competitive scene).
      Also Japan’s gaming market is quite strong despite what you’re claiming


      1) Why is there no record function for training mode?

      2) Why is there no tutorial mode for Tekken 6 for beginners?

  • My question to him;

    Is there still a possibility of a Virtua Fighter vs Tekken game in the works? The two best 3D Fighting games clashing against eachother would sell bucketloads.

  • What does he feel is more accessible to the average consumer, fast action games like Street Fighters (and to a lesser extent Dead or alive) or the slower fighting games such as Tekken and Virtual Fighter?

    Will there every be a non-fighting game spinoff for the series much like “Death by Degrees” starring Nina?

  • I got a question for Dave: You “know nothing about fighting games”? How do you sleep at night!??

    As for the Tekken franchise- how do they plan on keeping it fresh and competitive? What else will they be adding to future iterations aside from the usual characters/moves/gameplay speed?

  • Leaving arcade boards aside for one moment, Sony’s consoles have been home to Tekken, and we’ve always had fantastic ports on the Sony consoles for many years now.

    Has there been any difficulties this generation developing on both the 360 and PS3 platforms?

    Can we expect minor graphical differences (and not just the normal soft shadows/aliasing differences as seen in games like GTA4 and even FIFA10) between the 360 and PS3 versions?

    Any chance of cross platform multiplayer?

    Speaking of multiplayer, Street Fighter 4 (arguably the fighting game of 2009 so far) copped a lot of criticism from its core fans for its multiplayer setup out of the box. Have you paid any heed to this criticism, so as to launch Tekken 6 out of the box hunkydorey?

    Tekken on the iPhone 🙂 ?

    Also I’d love to hear an answer to chuloopa’s question about the inspiration behind Tekken’s development, given how many years the series has been running for!

  • Will there be a shared data connection between PS3 and PSP? Like is there a way to transfer my save data from PS3 to PSP and vice versa?

    Because if possible I want to play Tekken 6 while I’m holiday w PSP, but I also wanna transfer all of my data when I’m home to my PS3.


  • Ask him if an option to move the lifebars will be included in a patch. Again, ask him if the record function, that has been in previous tekkens, will be restored to practice mode, along with 2P customizations. You could also ask him about the resolution on the PS3 version.

  • 1. Is there going to be a tag mode in Tekken 6? Four player Tekken would be awesome (no multitap required either!) and would make it a day one purchase for me.

    2. Do you plan to release an “enhanced” version of Tekken 6, like you have with Tekken 5 Dark Resurrection in the past, or like Capcom is doing with Streetfighter 4 now, and/or do you plan DLC?

    2. Are Alex or Gon ever going to make a return?

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