Aussie Wins Top Prize In Indie Games Fest

captain forever picDid you know China has its own Independent Games Festival? Well, it does, and an Aussie-made game took out the top honour.

Captain Forever, a gloriously neon top-down shooter that sees you upgrading your craft through scavenging parts from defeated enemies, won the award for overall best game during the second Game Developers Conference China, announced on Sunday night.

The winner is a local lad called Farbs, whose previous work includes the demented genius of Rom Check Fail.

Also nominated as a finalist was S.H.M.U.P. by fellow Aussie designer, Aaron Styles.

Captain Forever is finished. To find out what the fuss is about, you can buy it now from Farbs' website. Watch the clip below to whet your appetite.

First IGF China Awards Topped By Captain Forever [GameSetWatch]


    Way to go, Styles!

    Also, congrats to Farbs ;)

    I want to play Captain forever now, just to see how good it is. To beat me, is has to be awesome

      Forgot the (jokes) at the end of the second sentence.


        did you end up contacting the musicians, Aaron? ;)

        herp derp I visited the site, well done.

        One I've always been in contact with and the other isn't answering :(

      Hey, Styles! Well done man!

      Congrats aussies.

    Wait- this is that game I saw the video for a while ago and thought "wow that looks bloody awesome"- then never followed up on the game. Can we play it? Or what? Whats going to happen to it?

    Oh paid only? Disapoiting there isn't a free-ware version I could dip my hands in for feeling sake. Oh well.

    flow with spaceships

    Trent - Captain Forever will be released free once I finish the first supporter-only followup. It shouldn't be long now :D

    Aaron - It sucks that your visa app fell through - we would've shared a booth wall!

      Well, I'm sure there'll be other competitions that we'll compete against each other at ;)

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