Balloon Boy Game Announced For PC Worldwide

Yesterday we explored the crossover between balloons in the news and video games. Today, certifying the saga of Balloon Boy as a true news event, someone made a flash game out of it - a flash-based side-scroller anyone can enjoy.

Balloon Boy will test your knowledge of rudimentary game physics as you decide which gulls to avoid and which to shoot during a journey through the American news cycle.

Protips: You need two shots to kill a gull. Just one to pick up time and rainbow goodies. Only one shot on screen at a time

Balloon Boy was developed by Immad Akhund, Jude Gomila and James Smith, three 25-year-olds. The game's purpose seems to ask "How Many $$$ of Taxpayer Money Can you Waste?"

Balloon Boy Game - Waste Taxpayer Money! [site via Game Politics]


    Oh god I'm stupid. You were actually supposed to shoot? I just moved about and thought the crosshair was there to move the kid so he wouldn't touch an 'enemy'. *headdesk*

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