Bargain Hunter: Are These Really That Special?

GAME has a bunch of specials on its website this week. I'll let you be the judge of just how special they really are.

Go on, then, are any of these genuinely good deals?

007: Quantum of Solace Collector's Edition (360) $44 Alone In The Dark Collector's Edition (360) $29 Anno: Create a New World (DS) $33 Command & Conquer Red Alert 3 (PC) $89 Conflict: Denied Ops (PS3) $39 Dark Messiah of Might & Magic (360) $19 EA Playground (DS) $29 Far Cry 2 Collector's Edition (PS3) $69 Guildwars: Eye of the North (PC) $29 Guitar Hero DS Lite Bundle (DS) $199 Jake Power Soccer Star (DS) $19 Prey (360) $19 Pro Evolution Soccer 6 (PS2) $9 Race Driver GRID (PC) $29 Resident Evil 5 Limited Edition (360) $99 SEGA Superstar Tennis (360, PS3) $19 Smash Court Tennis (360) $29 Street Fighter 4 Deluxe Collector's Edition (360) $89 The Bourne Conspiracy Collector's Edition (360) $19 The Club (360) $19 Tomb Raider Underworld Collector's Edition (360, PS3) $39 Universe at War (PC) $17

Wait... Did someone say Far Cry 2?


    resident evil 5
    street fighter 4

    Will Resident Evil 5 EVER come down in price?

      Fixed it -
      "Will Resident Evil 5 EVER *be worth that* price?"

    Prey and The Club are worth $20 easily.

    Problem is I allready bought both for $20 aaaages ago.

    The Club and Bourne Conspiracy aren't bad games, especially for $19.

    when is that dinosaur hunter game coming out?

    Computer says no...

    pretty average. bourne conspiracy wasnt bad but it has a few annoying points. especially the long brawl fights with bosses as the game progressed. other than that it was good, the shooting mechanics were excellent.

    the only thing that caught my eye was fc2ce. but i think i'll wait till i see it for <$50. even for the standard. im not really interested in a ce.
    the rest arent all that great.

      I'm pretty sure JB regularly has FC2(PS3) < $50, I picked up my copy for that about 6mths back

        I picked up Far Cry 2 Collector's Edition (PS3) from EBgames about two weeks ago for $46. So yeah, $69 is a bit steep now.

    This weeks deals aren't that hot.

    Last week I grabbed Red Faction X360 and Gears of War 1 for $54 all up, including shipping.

    Red Faction was $34 bucks, absolute bargain. And it's well packaged, with registered post too. So once you factor in that it's included with the price, you're really getting the games a lot cheaper.

    CC3 on the PC $89??? I didn't know this was 2 years ago.. boy is my face red...

    I grabbed Bourne Conspiracy. It comes with the third film, which I never got around to seeing, so I figured it was worthwhile.

    I was thinking today I haven't played FC2 for a little while and I could do with a bit more of a play in the environment.

    Might be time to load up Kotaku AU game of the year again and contemplate narrative dissonance.

      There is no narrative dissonance in Far Cry 2.

    Red Alert 2 for $89? That's a 'special'? It should be half price by now! Pretty lame, sorry.

    They dont seem very special to me...

    Command & Conquer Red Alert 3 (PC) $89
    That dosnt sound like a special..

    30 on steam with no DRM thank you very much :)

    Are any of GAME's deals good? Usually, no.

    The only good one i see is the Bourne Conspiracy. Not for the game, which judging from the demo i played was only so-so - but because the Special Edition comes with the movie Bourne Ultimatum.

    $19 plus a game - so pretty much the game is costing like $7.

    bourne is collectors edition and comes with bourne ultimatum dvd - bargain!

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