Bargain Hunter: Faith Takes A Fall

Bargain Hunter: Faith Takes A Fall

Mirror’s Edge was never a great game; it’s trial and error patterns were frustrating and the inclusion of firearms somewhat misguided. But it was interesting and very much worth checking out.

And for just $20 at Gametraders this month, PC owners should do precisely that.

A short but sweet post. Kinda like the game, actually.


  • You’re a hard man David. It got some things wrong, but it got so much else right – and felt fresh to boot – that it bordered very much on being a great game. Hopefully a sequel can iron out those few kinks, because at its heart ME was awesome.

  • I Agree with Jay on this. The game had all the right things, it just didn’t put them together properly. I mean, tell me you didn’t get a really kickarse feeling when on the first go you strung a bunch of jumps together and you flawlessly catapulted over buildings and kicked people out of your way.

  • I’m going to have to pick up on a few things from various comments made. I too think that the guns in the game felt a little tacked on, while some of the scripted fights too felt more like button-mashing exercises than extensions of the immersive and dynamic 1st person movement. While the combat could be said to break the flow a bit when it got more difficult, mirrors edge was one of my favourite 360 titles. Great restrictive colour palette, fluidity of controls, and a comination of difficult sections and the reward of completing them as you roll out of a high fall, jump the nearest fence, slide under a steam pipe and kick a bewildered soldier off the side of a building is priceless.
    An absolute steal for $20.

  • I got it about a month after launch for $29 – it was well worth it. Glad i never paid full price, but it was fun in a different way. I agree about the use of weapons etc… but it was entertaining in offering a different sort of gameplay.

    I hope for a sequel too. Just whether EA have any brains that they once had and don’t let money get in the way because Mirror’s Edge didn’t rake in the dough like Madden does.

  • Yeah I thought this was an excellent game.. One of only a few I’ve played through to the end. Once you get used to the controls, it is excellent. Shame about the reviews.
    Timeshift is another game that is actually very good and copped a lot a bad reviews AND can be got cheap at the mo..

  • I thought this was a great game. Not perfect, no – the shootings bits didn’t work. It’s like they chickened out at the last minute and just had to stick some guns in there – “It’s first person! There has to be shooting!”

    And towards the end it tries to outsmart itself by making you spend time to try and figure out how to negotiate an area.

    It’s at it’s best when you’re running flat out, jumping, climbing, rolling, sliding, always moving, occasionally barely slowing down to take down an enemy or two hand to hand.

    Hopefully if they do a sequel they’ll play to its strengths rather than trying to shoehorn things in there that don’t work just because they think people expect them in every game.

  • I have my copy on its way from for the grand total of $14.30.

    I’m very surprised how fast the console versions of this game have plummeted in price.

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