Bargain Hunter: GAME Wants You To Fight

Bargain Hunter: GAME Wants You To Fight

Couple of fighting games basically reduced to half price over at GAME right now.

There’s UFC 2009 Undisputed going for just $59 on PS3 and 360. And there’s the 360 version of Street Fighter IV, also going for just $59.

Both are marked “Web only price. Not available in store.” Be quick!


  • Note that Street fighter IV has a re-release coming as ‘Super Street Fighter IV’ and perhaps has something to do with the drop in price.

  • Yeah lots of people have that as their new SFIV pricing (I think the Big W catalogue or JB Hi Fi – so essentially everyone should be able to price match)

  • $59 is a bargain? This is why I never buy new games. Heck, you can buy a ton of year old awesome used games for that silliness…

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