Bargain Hunter: GAME Wants You To Fight

Couple of fighting games basically reduced to half price over at GAME right now.

There's UFC 2009 Undisputed going for just $59 on PS3 and 360. And there's the 360 version of Street Fighter IV, also going for just $59.

Both are marked "Web only price. Not available in store." Be quick!


    Note that Street fighter IV has a re-release coming as 'Super Street Fighter IV' and perhaps has something to do with the drop in price.

    Yeah lots of people have that as their new SFIV pricing (I think the Big W catalogue or JB Hi Fi - so essentially everyone should be able to price match) have Street Fighter IV for the PS3 for $36.86 at the moment with free shipping. Now thats a bargain :-)

    $40.95 for the 360 version

    The only fighting game I would want is fight night round 4.

    $59 is a bargain? This is why I never buy new games. Heck, you can buy a ton of year old awesome used games for that silliness...

    We'll let you get back to trawling the Ps2 pre-owned table then shall we, Ogre?

    Thanks for contributing ABSOLUTELY NOTHING to the industry.

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