Bargain Hunter: Guerrilla (Price) Warfare

Attention PS3 owners! If you didn't join the Red Faction a few months back, you now have no excuse.

Order Red Faction: Guerrilla PS3 from GAME's website and you'll pay just $34.95. Sorry, 360 owners, it's still $49.95 on your console.

[Thanks Ecogamer!]

Comments - Currently has 55.8% off Half-Life and HL2 + episodes. So works out to be $us22 for the entire bundle or a lot less individually..

      Ahh, it's 55.8% because that's how much of the vote Gordon Freeman garnered in the final round of Gamespot's "best character ever" poll.

    Don't have anytime to play it - is that a good excuse?

    Is this a one time sale price or a set price, because I don't really want to buy it now... but would in like a month...

      Well the RRP has now been dropped to $49.95 so that's the worst you will pay if you order it from Game down the track.

    id say knowing game its a for a limited time only, but who knows, if it sells well [considering ive seen this special for 2 weeks already?] then it may continue till xmas or until stock runs out?


    p.s the game is fun and worth it for that price _b

    fun game, but cycles through the same missions over and over and starts to grind.

    also the last few missions are balls to the wall hard on the normal play setting.

    but for $35, not bad.

    i'd just spend extra and get U2 really.

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