Bargain Hunter: One Demon, Many Souls

Bargain Hunter: One Demon, Many Souls

While we wait for Atlus to make more copies of Demon’s Souls, those of an impatient disposition might want to look at ordering it online.

Play Asia is offering the soul-destroyingly difficult PS3 RPG for the very reasonable price of $US64.90. Or just a smidgeon over $AU70. And that includes a bonus CD soundtrack and 40-page artbook.

There’s also the deluxe edition for $US79.90—or just under $AU90—which also comes with a perhaps essential 150-page strategy guide.

We’ve heard there are a few local distributors negotiating with Atlus to release Demon’s Souls in Australia, but as yet nothing has been confirmed.


  • It would probably end up cheaper to import a US copy than to buy from local stores, considering the strength of the Australian dollar. $60-70 inc. shipping as opposed to the typical $109.95? I think I can wait the couple of weeks for international shipping for savings like that.

  • Agreed – I have been experiencing similar savings using steam for my computer games, getting Aion this week; Around $55 via steam as opposed to $99 here in the brick and mortar retailers in perth

  • Regardless of cheaper, most JRPGs never get Euro/Australian release. And if they do, it is often 6 to 18 months later.

    Which is one reason why DS and PSP have been such popular platforms for JRPG fans – no region lock, and import friendly.

    • Even worse is when Atari were doing distribution. They’d quote the EU release date for us, but the reality was that that the game would actually show up in Australian stores 2-3 weeks later. Back when I used to bother buying JRPGs locally it used to piss off the stores I ordered from too, because they would have no clue when they were getting stock.

      Nowadays I’ve got a modded PS2, Wii with Homebrew Channel & GeckoOS, JP-region 360 and don’t need to worry about regioning for PS3, PSP and DS. At least that was the case until niche PSP games started showing up only on PSN and we came full circle. :\

  • Picked up a Deluxe Edition at city Gametraders for $120. Might be a bit more expensive but since Deluxe Edition is no longer in stock at Play-Asia (last time I checked) I figured it was worth forking out a little more.

    • Odd GiantDave7,
      I bought a 2nd copy (Deluxe Edition for a friend) on Monday and it arrived yesterday from Play-Asia.
      Site says right now they have it in stock and will ship in 24 hours from purchase.
      Cost me just shy of $95 AUD inc. shipping.

  • Have to agree with all these comments on importing>EU/AU release, as we always get it late and generally at a significantly higher price.

  • I ordered mine a week ago yesterday and i cant stop thinking about when it will arrive. Got mine from play-asia and i think iam gonna have a heart attack when it arrives. Ive hyped it up in my mind so much. Dont think ive been wanting a game so much except for FFXIII.

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