Bargain Hunter: There Is No Barter Skill In Dragon Age

So what to do when looking for the best deal on Bioware's immient fantasy RPG? has rounded up the pre-order deals available for Dragon Age: Origins. Steam, EB, GAME and JB Hi-Fi are all offering various fancy cases, trinkets and unlockable in-game extras. To my eyes, the EB one looks superior; despite being the most expensive at $129.95, it's also the only one with a cloth map.

I repeat: a cloth map!

As you'd expect, given the strength of the Aussie dollar, Steam is the cheapest, coming in at around $AU56 plus whatever bandwidth costs you require. GAME's online price is the best for the standard edition but it's also free of any bonus items.

Have you seen any better deals?

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    I want that cloth map.

    Friggen EB.

    ooo the inticement of a cloth map...

    do we really care that much?

    While a cloth map is indeed tempting, there's no way I'm giving EB my money. Eff that.

    While I'd love to encourage the inclusion of things such as cloth maps in games once more, there's no way I'm doing it for an increased price, let alone one that is twice that of a Steam copy.

    For certain gamers, myself included, cloth maps have a stronger appear than their otherwise ordinary properties suggest - a +3 cloth map of nostalgia if you will...

    I pre-ordered if from this unleashed site and am still not sure whether I got scammed or not as they haven't replied to an email I sent them.. it was around $90 incl postage which I thought was a cool deal. The Cloth map wouldn't be worth $39 would it? We'll see when they appear on ebay...

    Order it game online
    Limited Edition $99

    Pre-order bonus
    Memory band Item (adds +1% to XP – Adds one Skill Point)
    Guild Masters Belt (increases monetary gain, adds to cunning & increases chance to dodge attacks) Exclusive to GAME!

    buy it from - you get the cloth map and its cheaper!

    Already preordered the Steam one. Cloth map? Whoopy freakin' do. I was going through all my old crap since I'm moving soon and found all the cloth maps from old Bioware games. Most pointless bonus ever, it's not even a useful map!

    If anyone wants the collectors edition from EB cloth map and all for $70 this is what i did.

    Order 3x Overlord Hell Rising (PS3) from which comes to just under $60 AUD.

    Since its on the eligible list at EB trade in all three and pay $9.95.

    Note: I have done this and EB was fine with trading in Games from the UK.

    Ok i just noticed that the eligible title list gets updated on the 1st of Nov so you can gamble that the game will be on the list or wait.

    I'm buying the deluxe version off steam for $71 dollars.

    Cloth map, you got me there Bioware. I still have my Icewind Dale, Baldurs Gate and I think even an Ultima 8 one.

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