Bargain Hunter: Thinking Of Getting A PS3 Today?

Bargain Hunter: Thinking Of Getting A PS3 Today?

That 250GB PlayStation 3 arrives in Australia today. If you’re looking to pick one up, then allow me to point you towards EB.

The 250GB PS3 is bundled with Uncharted 2 as standard, although Ratchet & Clank and EyePet bundles will be available in the coming months as those games are released. It’s priced at $599 RRP.

Despite the presence of perhaps the PS3’s biggest game of the year, retailers are offering some extra incentives. EB, for example, is also throwing in a copy of Call of Duty 4: Modern Warfare for a total of $596. that’s my pick of the best of the bunch. In fact, I might pick one up myself since I don’t actually own a retail PS3 – I make do with a “debug” console that plays all pre-release and final code.

Anyone else spotted a better 250GB PS3 deal?


  • “I make do with a “debug” console that plays all pre-release and final code” – yeesh… life must be tough for you making do with that… 😉

    Does that remain the property of Sony, or are you gonna flog it on eBay in afew years time then retire to the Bahamas?

  • @ Gobbo

    surely David’s true path to wealth lies in him writing an (inevitably successful) broadway adaptation of Planescape: Torment?

  • anyone heard anymore about PlayTV? EB said they were taking pre orders… so I was assuming that it would be here soon….

  • damn! thats a great price from eb’s. with the best game this gen, and cod 4.
    as i was buying my copy of uncharted 2 this morning there were 2 kids with their mum buying that pack from eb’s
    so i guess its a special enough occasion to let the kids take the day off school 🙂
    i know if i was a kid and my mum was buying me a ps3 i sure as hell wouldnt be going to school for a few days either 😉 when i was a kid and my mum bought a NES i played sick for an entire week.
    deep down i think she knew i was BS’ing LOL
    @woodsy: eb’s page reckons November. personally youd be better of buying from i got mine from there a few weeks ago for AU$125 including shipping. got here in a week. if you wait and buy it here it’ll end up costing you ~$200 plus the fact youll be waiting till at least November to buy it. probably longer. i remember this time last year it was meant to be out. then it got delayed till January this year and then delayed with no time frame at all. the hardware WILL be the exact same as the UK version. we will just end up with different FW to accommodate our channels and positions.

  • I know what you mean, I feel so violated buying from EB. a rip-off on most occasions,
    But then again I always feel ripped off buying sony’s overpriced crap anyway.

  • hi guys. i work at dick smith.
    we have the ps3 250gb for $594 with two games..
    go instore and ask for it. they wont have it advertised. limited time only

    • But what two games are you offering? Regardless of the fact the deal has an additional game on top of most place’s deals, I wouldn’t care less if the games were something like Cars and Harry Potter, for example.

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