Battlefield Bad Company 2: Battlefield Moments

Let's take a look at how well a round of Battlefield Bad Company 2 multiplayer can go if your entire team possesses some kind of bizarre mind link.

I'm sure there are clans and such that play with the level of communication displayed in this trailer for Battlefield Bad Company 2, due out early next year for the PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360, but I've never had the time nor the patience to play with a group long enough to achieve it. If that were me playing, I would have been off in a completely different direction, humming the Mission Impossible theme song until an enemy I never actually saw shot me in the head. Perhaps if they shot me in the head just so, I would develop mental powers, enabling me to play with the big kids.


    I thought it was coming for PC as well?

    sorry dude, but this is most definitely singleplayer.

    Pfft. That's nothing.
    You don't need a mind link when you have a mic. Me and my mates play FPS like that all the time.

    Yeah nah give it a miss, again.

    I really don't like the gameplay. Shooting, running, throwing grenades & all that. Feels weird.

    Guess i'm too used to COD. But online was a bitch when i played the first and put me off.

      but isnt COD also "Shooting, running, throwing grenades & all that" :o

        maybe he's talking about the fish?

      lol - yeah but playing Battlefield, The controls & the aiming makes it feel crap. COD has a more pleasant feel when sprinting, aiming, shooting and throwing grenades.

      From the vid above, you throw grenade as fast as a butterfly can flap its wings. Looks damn right stupid.

      I guess in the end it just ends up being what the superior game is. And sales/critical reception proves that.

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