Bayonetta PS3 Versus Bayonetta 360

You've heard about the difference between the PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360 versions of Bayonetta; now see them for yourself in GameTrailers' side-by-side comparison video.

Now keep in mind that these are both demo versions of a game that won't see release in North America until next year, so this is far from a final representation of what the full versions of each game will look like. Judging solely from the video, the Xbox 360 version looks more vibrant and sharp, while tones on the PS3 side are more muddy and the textures less defined. Perhaps I wasn't looking hard enough, but I didn't see any of the slowdown that plagued the original PS3 demo, so perhaps that's all been ironed out.

While I know the Xbox 360 fans and PlayStation 3 owners will be at each other's throats over this, I want to hear from those that own both consoles. Are the differences enough to make you choose one over the other?


    I think that settles it... the Xbox360 version looks far better.

    Why do these stupid comparisons happen? Are certain people so insecure about their console that they need to go to great lengths to 'prove' their version is graphically better?

    Has anyone even played the game to see if it is actually worth buying? I bet not...

    End of the day, I only have a PS3 so if the game is good and fun to play, I won't be too concerned how it looks. If I had both consoles, then how it looks would be a factor in deciding which to get.

    Gameplay is key, and if you aren't able to constantly compare appearances then it doesn't matter. It's only if the PS3 version is borked that I'd leave it.

    This dosent really matter... The PS3 is more than capable of rendering the XB360s detail, but its probably a question of code portability. im thinking its either they would have to rewrite the engine to utilise the PS3 at its full power, or cut it down a tad and run the same less modified engine on both.

    Yeah, even if one was prettier than the other they're both still looking pretty damn good.

    The two main differences that I spotted was that the PS3 was dark and subdued while the 360 was bright and crisp. Seeing that I only have a PS3, these differences are so small that I could care less the 360 version as it simply doesn't warrant me buying it.

    I have both, and as a dude who goes back to games long after a consoles lifespan, I buy all my non-exclusive games on the PS3. Its just gonna last longer than my 2nd 360...

    Yeah I blame Sega for the slack programming. But the game still looks sweet.

    hahaha this game looks garbage. i felt like i was watching a gothic transvestite's dream sequence. wtf is with the huge stilletto boot coming out of a portal and kicking some goat man? ahahaha

    I think its safe to say now that the lead console in development always looks better. Same with exclusives. I try to support Sony but would buy this for 360.

    They should have just made it exclusive for the 360 then to put out this garbage on the ps3.!!!!

    I plan on getting the 360 version as I like the controller a lot better and I have a higher gamerscore compared to my trophies.

    I feel sorry for people who bought Playstations... Sony really dicked up the design, and now Sony loyalists are paying for it.

    im neutral about systems but the 360 wins this one. infact it kinda wins everyone :/ but i thought sega was handling the ps3 version themselves... haha another company can make a sega game better than sega can.

    Dev's have had more time to work with the Xbox 360 moreso than the PS3 which makes it more easier for them to pull off games on it. At the end of the day though Gameplay is the clear winner.

    I have a PS3 and 360. Given the 360 version seems to be the better version, there's no reason not to choose it over the PS3 one. This is one of the less commonly cited advantages of having multiple consoles.

    360 just looks a lot brighter. my policy is to buy 360 versions, and to only pick up exclusives for the ps3. the main reason is i had a 360 first, i prefer the controller (thumbsticks esp.) and i would rather try and work on my gamerscore on the 1 system. the only exception is fighting games (like SF4) where i will buy ps3 because the D-pad is better. the 360 users really got screwed with that dpad!

    The very opening footage of Bayonetta walking in looked far better on the ps3 in my opinion. Just general rendering and shading-wise. There's no doubt that overall the 360 has better graphics and I think dead5ega's right, people are more comfortable with 360 programming than the ps3.
    In my opinion the ps3 is a far superior console (power-wise), but there's no questioning what the 360 did with Halo etc.

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