Bayonetta's Secret Costumes

Apparently, upcoming Platinum Games title Bayonetta features unlockable secret costumes like this witch outfit and physical education uniform. Just think Bayonetta is out in a couple of days — the game's publicity grab will stop!

That is, until next year when it's released in the West. But will people still be interested?

『ベヨネッタ』コスチューム、ベヨ姉のブルマ体操着姿もあり [オレ的ゲーム速報@刃]


    Gods, am I the only person in the whole who thinks Bayonetta is very far from hot? These... just weird me out :S

      (That's supposed to be "whole world", but Kotaku has no edit button >_>)

        Something about her I just find repulsive. Can't quite put my finger on it though.

      what are you talking about? I'd hit that.

    Ahhh.... Japan and their fascination with PE school uniform (and the school-style swimming suit *snerks*). I still reckon they ought to put a form fitting secretary suit in the game, or better yet as DLC. That would boost their income significantly.

    It's called the Uncanny Valley and Bayonetta is firmly in it. Goddamn its like someone made tits out of dough and then put guns on its feet.

    You people are COMPLETE IDIOTS to even consider watching thi stupid nonsence.Do NOT waste Your life upon it,go do smthng WORTHY DOING for a change!All those peole upon cemetries:they just spent their hours for such IDiOCIES!!!

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