Behind The Scenes Of The King Of Fighters Movie

Starring Sean Faris as Kyo Kusanagi, David Leitch as Terry Bogard and Maggie Q as Mai Shiranui, The King of Fighters movie is directed by Hong Kong action helmer Gordan Chan.

Chan is best known for the brilliant Jet Li film Fist of Legend. But when he be known for The King of Fighters?


    oh come on! this looks so shit.

    maggie q aint got enough curves to play mai and kyo isn't even japanese.

    they just keep making this garbage. maybe they should take a completely different approach to these films about ridiculously costumed fighters shooting blue fire balls at each maybe make them over the top and fun instead of trying to weigh it down with drama and tension. more kung fu hustle than matrix.
    should I put on my flame resistant suit already?

    ***i had no sound when wathcing this so please point out any errors in my analysis.

    I'll watch it for the fighting moves, it'll be awesome.

      no, the fighting is going to be shit. Guaranteed 100%, A+ grade SHIT.

      How many of these have failed already?
      Dragonball Z? Steaming pile of dung straight from a hooker's ass.

      Legend of Chun Li? Shit eaten by Jabba the Hut and shat out again with shit toppings.

    Yeah, this looks absolutely terrible.

    The special effects look so crap not to mention the grade of acting.

    This movie is an epic failure. Nuff said.

    what's with hollywood getting white people to play practically every asian character

    "This IS King of Fighters"

    i dont think so maggie, i dont think so...

    Alternitve dimension what ?? FFS

    Asian people just can't nail that asian style, I guess.

    Wow this looks terrible. Who funds these tourney fighter movies? Streetfighter was shithouse, Mortal Kombats were dire, DOA was hilariously awful. Now King of Fighters? Great game, even less 'mainstream' than the others but what is next? World Heroes?

    You have to understand that this is a movie for dumbass racist lowest-common-denominator American kids.

    It seems you can't market Asian heroes in America. Chun-Li, Goku, now this..
    Reminds me of how they rejected Bruce Lee in place of Carradine in Kung Fu in the 70s

    Nothing has changed.

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