Beware These Big Borderlands Bugs

Gearbox Software's Borderlands, while entertaining, is not perfect. From a technical standpoint anyway, things could go seriously wrong (and have) for some players, including the corrupting of character data and the resetting of hard-earned skill points.

An ongoing list of the game's technical shortcomings, ones that may reduce you to crying or controller throwing, is being regularly updated at Gearbox Software's forums. Many of them appear to be tied to the game's multiplayer cooperative mode, with incidents of players losing skills, weapon proficiencies and loot, but it's the "Save file is corrupted" issue that you should watch out for.

Gearbox has also listed a few performance hiccups that can be corrected using workarounds, should you be experiencing issues. For everyone else who has yet to jump into Borderlands and is planning on doing so, keep an eye on this thread, and tread carefully.

Known Issues Status Update [Gearbox Forums]


    Question is though are Gearbox addressing these issues in a way to FIX THEM? And if so - when will they be releasing a patch hopefully??

    The game that keeps on failing.

    Would have been just easier to have called it Fail lands.

    I was actually going to pick up this game today. Sounds like I would be better off waiting until they release an update or two.

    Known Issue: Last Second Release Date Change

    Oh. Maybe having it playable on the 30th is good for us. About time the yanks experimented on their own people first, HA. Sucks to be them.

    Is this problem occuring on Consoles or PC ?

    Seconded to the PC or console question, though I guess I'll find out in the thread. To those that don't own it and are reading this, you should take a look. These glitches sound bad, but I personally haven't run into anything game ruining, only a few odd physics hiccups like hovering items and I've played it a fair bit. I really like the game, but I quite like the feeling behind MMO's which this game shares strongly. The desire to constantly keep an eye out for better loot and always looking towards that next level up. This game has it in spades

    So, apparently PC users still have to port forward. What is this? The early 2000s???

    Bugs I've encountered so far:
    1. Quest items not spawning.
    2. Map showing false and misleading "interest" markers.

    Also I must add; even though I've encountered these frustrating hiccups, it has not prevented me from enjoying the game because the rest of the game is so damn good. It's so addicting.

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