Biblical Striptease Game Is Live!

Biblical Striptease Game Is Live!

I’m ashamed to admit how anxiously I’ve awaited indie developer Tale of Tale’s new game, Fatale. After all, I’m Jewish — what interest do I have in the story of Salome?

Maybe I’m not to be blamed for my morbid curiosity. Tale of Tales is known for its creepy, upsetting games and from what I understand of the parts Christianity added to the Torah, the Salome’s story is certainly both of those. She dances what passed for a striptease back in those days and then demands the head of some guy on a silver platter. Talk about heavy tipping.

Here’s what the developer has to say of the 3D adventure game:

Explore a living tableau filled with references to the legendary tale and enjoy the moonlit serenity of a fatal night in the orient. Fatale offers an experimental play experience that stimulates the imagination and encourages multiple interpretations and personal associations.

You can check out the trailer and pick up the game for a dollar here.


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