BioWare Has An "Exciting Announcement" About Dragon Age For PS3

What's this?! An announcement about an announcement? You have my interest, BioWare, and I greatly look forward to whatever "exciting announcement" you may have planned in regards to the PlayStation 3 version of your upcoming video game Dragon Age: Origins!

Consider me tuned in this Friday, October 23 at 11am PST. I greatly anticipate whatever it is that BioWare co-founders Dr. Ray Muzyka and Dr. Greg Zeschuk have to say about the PS3 release of your spiritual sequel to the Baldur's Gate series. I may even ready some follow up questions for lead designer Mike Laidlaw and executive producer Mark Darrah.

Now to ponder. What could they be announcing this late in the pre-release hype cycle? Is the PlayStation 3 version un-delayed, moved up a fortnight to release alongside its PC and Xbox 360 brethren? Will there be a Dragon Age: Origins Home space? Who knows?

Crap. It's probably a Home space, isn't it? Guess I'll find out at the of my chosen region today...


    "It's been cancelled... and we're not refunding preorders. Now, who's excited?"

    limited edition purple helmet for your character......"

    yawn who gives a toss - its not gonna make or break the game. only keep the fanboy fire fuelled for fools.

    like what I did with the alliteration there?

      Darius, my motherfukn man!

        thank you, alliteration fan!

    If its good i'll have to break into my brothers and swap my xbox for his ps3. But chances are i'll just be locking up my house to stop the reverse.

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