Blitz Arcade Bring Xbox Indie Clover To PC

Blitz Arcade Bring Xbox Indie Clover To PC

Binary Tweed’s hit Xbox Indie Game Clover is reborn as Clover: A Curious Tale, as the developer partners with Blitz Arcade to bring the watercolour political platformer to the PC.

Dreams really do come true! Though sometimes heavy-handed in its message, the Xbox Live Indie puzzle-platformer Clover was an amazing accomplishment for Binary Tweed. Blitz Games Studios recognises this, bringing the story of orphaned teen Sam to the PC via its downloadable division, Blitz Arcade.

“It’s fantastic to be working with Blitz Games Studios. As stalwarts of the UK games industry, the Oliver Twins were responsible for many of the games I played growing up, giving the relationship between Binary Tweed and Blitz 1UP a common cultural background. Partnering with a company of such experience is exactly the kind of route that I hoped Xbox Live Indie Games development would make accessible.”

Clover: A Curious Tale will feature many improvements over the original version, including a completely remastered piano score, new puzzles, voice acting, and new ambient effects. They’ve also improved the animation and added a new intro and ending, making this the ultimate version of Clover and a must-buy for fans of the original.

The game is being released as part of Blitz’s 1UP initiative, dedicated to assisting independent developers in bringing their titles to the market. No word on when Clover is coming to the market, but it’s good to know that it’s making its way.

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