Bon Jovi To Help Shill Final Fantasy Crystal Chronicles In Japan

Bon Jovi To Help Shill Final Fantasy Crystal Chronicles In Japan

Upcoming Wii release Final Fantasy Crystal Chronicles: The Crystal Bearers will get a taste of Jersey for its Japanese release. Rock band Bon Jovi will be lending its flavour of rock to the game’s overseas TV advertising.

Bon Jovi, a band four years older than the Final Fantasy series itself, will be co-promoting Crystal Bearers for Square Enix with the song “We Weren’t Born To Follow” from the group’s upcoming album The Circle. That album is due to drop one day prior to Final Fantasy Crystal Chronicles: The Crystal Bearers’ Japanese release.

That’s what we call synergy, kids. If only for the fact that protagonist Layle and Jon Bon Jovi have near identical haircuts. The rest is simply a happy coincidence.

スクエニ、Wii「FFCC クリスタルベアラー」CMソングにボン・ジョヴィの楽曲を採用 [Game Watch via AndriaSang]


  • Just in case you can’t read the japanese text on the GW page, Google Translate rides to the rescue!

    “”Born To Follow Wanto Wee” is Bon Jovi’s debut was produced to commemorate the 25 anniversary of November 4 a new album to be released in Japan a day ahead, “The Circle” (Normal: 2500 Yen, Limited Edition: 3,900 yen) One of the songs are recorded. As the lead single, “The Circle” prior to October 21 and is scheduled to be released in days. Priced at 500 yen.

    The company has adopted as a reason for this song, “Born To Follow Wanto Wee” (who I’ve been born is not something to follow) is that the song name and lyrics, “FFCC Kurisutarubeara” The rail is a hero, “knowing the fear”, “yield to none”, “true to one’s own” and that is synchronized with a character from that.
    Square Enix, November 12 will be released on Wii adventure attractions for “Final Fantasy Kurisutarukuronikurukurisutarubeara” (FFCC Kurisutarubeara) of CM in the song, Bon Jovi song “Born Wanto Wie to-follow, / WE WEREN’T BORN TO FOLLOW “to adopt.
    However, “Wie Wanto Born To Follow” and the melody of “FFCC Kurisutarubeara” TVCM was video footage of unity, will be screened from late 10 Mon.”

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