Borderlands Goes Gold, And There Was Much Rejoicing

With two weeks to go before its release, I suppose it would be more newsworthy if Borderlands had not gone to gold master by now.

But it has, and so Gearbox has announced is officially on schedule to deliver you post-apocalyptic offworld role-playing shooter action on October 20. Considering the fourth-quarter triple-A delays we've seen this year, yeah, that's at least worth a picture of a robot throwing confetti.

Borderlands is Gold! [Gearboxity]


    Bizarrely, there's unique "Borderlands Australia" and "Borderlands Germany" available for just those countries on Steam, everyone else just gets "Borderlands". The Steam forum is a little bit paranoid they've edited the games to fit into the classifications of those countries. Can't help but feel the same way...

      It is concerning that it's "Australia" and "Germany" since germany is well known to be very strict on violent video games, and for some reason Australia has decided to become so despite no change to the classification scheme that I am aware of. If it were just Australia and Europe I would assume it merely a matter of region specific prices (which already happens on steam as I'm sure most people are aware).

    What exactly does it mean when a game "goes gold"?

    And who decides such a thing?

      When a game "goes Gold" it means that the game is finished (bar any unfound bugs or DLC addons) and is ready to be mass-manufactured.

      I believe the term 'gold' comes from the fact that that master copy that they make the discs from is made from Gold, or is otherwise gold coloured.

      Considering how many games 'go gold' every month, I'm amazed at all the gamers that aren't familiar with the term.

      ...And as for who decides such a thing, these days I imagine it would come down to a number of factors/people.

      -For one thing, games have to pass certification with both Microsoft and Sony before they can be released on the respective platforms.
      -The Project Lead would have to be confident that the game was finished and bug free (to the best of their knowledge, or to the best of the team's abilities with the time they have).
      -The Board/Owners of the Publisher would have to be happy with the content/quality of the title (though really, they should have realised well before now if there was anything about the game they weren't happy with).
      -And probably some other people I've forgotten about, or whose jobs I don't fully understand.

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