Borderlands: Let's Play Some Online

Now that Borderlands has been out for a few days and Gearbox has had some time to work out the kinks, it's time to give the game a Kotaku Status Check. How can you help? By playing!

I'll be playing some Borderlands on Xbox Live throughout the day to see how well the multiplayer co-op is holding up under the strain and we'd appreciate it if you could join us. That includes those playing on the PlayStation 3, but probably not anyone on the PC side, unfortunately. We want to hear about your experiences joining up with friends, getting into public games, whatever. Problems? Praise? Put 'em in the comments, please!

If you'd like to join me in an Xbox Live game—I'll be popping in and out of private and public games—add me, Meat Bun Mike, as a friend. Maybe I can give you a nice gun or grenade mod. Or I can just slap you around in a duel.

For everyone else, please feel free to use the comments as a means to hook up with your fellow Kotakuites. Let's go kill some Skags!


    I'm addicted to this game.

    I need...more...guns. was a toss up between this and Forza yesterday. I chose the latter......

    Forza is delightful though....

    Had some issues being able to join a friends game, even though other randoms were joining fine. He had to restart his console and rehost before it would let me join/let him invite me.

      that's more likely to be a problem with your NAT, then just the game

    LOL @ the screenshot - the quest tracker shows some pretty obvious references to Pulp Fiction.
    Righteous Man?
    Great Vengeance?
    Furious Anger?
    Hell yeah.
    Gotta love all the pop culture references in Borderlands.

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