Borderlands Sees 3-Day Delay On Steam, Gets Wrong Version

Borderlands Sees 3-Day Delay On Steam, Gets Wrong Version

Borderlands launched on Steam overnight. Or at least it was meant to. Turns out it did in North America, but not in Australia or Europe.

Borderlands was meant to unlock on Steam at 2am AEST, October 27. There was a countdown clock and everything. But then disaster struck, as relayed by the following post on the Steam community forum from Valve representative Alden:

“Sorry for the confusion, guys. There was a slight mix-up with the release dates. North America will be releasing in an hour or so while Europe, Australia, etc. will be releasing 12:01am GMT on the 30th.

The count-down you see on the page now should be accurate.”

Cue much vitriol from Australians and Europeans on the forums as US and Canadian gamers were shooting skags on Pandora.

ArcticJoel was so furious he downloaded it again: “I`m getting it elsewere right now. Hey… I bought it on steam and im ♥♥♥♥ing getting it tonight! Its not piracy if you already own the game right? Screw this delay bullshait.”

Wazgrel was eloquent in his anger: “Words cannot express how I feel about this whole situation…”

Enigma182 displayed remarkable restraint: “I didn’t blame anyone I understand these things happen, it did with TF2 prerelease also. I’m just dissapointed in general.”

Muxen’s solitary contribution to the debate read: “♥♥♥♥ off, you guys are bunch of ♥♥♥♥ters, last game I bought over steam.”

Flinchy is now banned: “what the ♥♥♥♥, why do us aussies get shafted???? we already had to wait a whole ♥♥♥♥ing week after consoles, now even america gets to play before us you have my ♥♥♥♥♥♥♥ money, the game is RELEASED FFS last time i buy a game on steam, i’d rather pay full price and get to play (and at least return it if i dont like it) ♥♥♥♥ you steam.”

Some bellowed that they would demand a full refund. Others wiped spit from their lips as they ranted about taking Valve and 2K to court. Sane people pointed out that the official release date has always been October 30 and that it’s really not that far away.

Compounding the drama, is reporting that the wrong version of Borderlands has been made available to Aussie gamers. If you downloaded the game off Steam, you will have the “low violence” version. However, 2K has claimed this is an error and this version of the game was never intended for Australia. They’re working with Steam to make the “full violence” version available as soon as possible.

[Thanks to Brendan, Cameron, Matt P and everyone else who tipped this story.]


  • What a horrible horrible release. I went to steam to download it, i didnt pay attention to the release date anywhere else (why would i have to think the release date was wrong?).

    Added to the fact this stealth ‘low violence’ addition is there, what the hell am i meant to be thinking?

    I take solace in knowing it was about 30ish dollars cheaper then if i bought it at retailer, which soothes me enough that i can wait the 3 extra days.

    • Yeah, the major reason I use Steam is because the prices there are very nice compared to retail when our dollar is strong (well except for MW2, but I’ll just be buying that at a retail sale sometime).
      Outside of indy games, it is far quicker and more convenient for me to duck down to the local JB/EB and pick it up. I’d prefer to have a physical copy anyway.
      (Although at least on Steam you are always guaranteed a copy if you didn’t pre-order)

      I do find it amusing that both retail and Steam got the release dates “wrong” though, just that one was for the better, and the other for the worse…

  • Here’s a workaround for those already pre-purchased the game on Steam & somewhat annoyed by the delay. (This is from the Ausgamers thread on this very topic).


    1. Go to

    2. Click “Start your free trial” under the WhoIs information

    3. Enter in a valid email address

    4. Login with your new credentials (which will be emailed to you in a few seconds)

    5. Click “Dowload VPN tool” just inside the “PPTP settings” box.

    [Note: The VPN tool is compatible with all versions of Windows including x64 Vista and Win7]

    6. Open the VPN tool, click connect

    7. Enter your PPTP password – NOT your regular password. The PPTP password is inside the box labeled “PPTP settings” when you’re logged in

    8. Restart Steam once or twice

    9. Double click borderlands, unlock it

    10. Click “file” in Steam, then select offline mode

    11. Play the game 3 days before release

    Also dont be alarmed when it unlocks and then starts downloading. It’s an update to fix the version issues. It takes about 15 min since the VPN only really goes around 50kb/s.

    You may also need to delete your ClientRegistry.blob file so that it doesn’t show up as ‘unreleased’ when you connect again without the proxy.

      • As I said, this goes against the EULA.
        “… but you are not entitled to… emulate or redirect the communication protocols used by Valve in any network feature of the Steam Software, through protocol emulation, tunneling, modifying or adding components to the Steam Software, use of a utility program or any other techniques now known or hereafter developed….”

  • 2K Games is really doing well with keeping the PC Gaming industry alive and kicking aren’t they.

    p.s – this should be on the main Kotaku US site so that it gets the needed publicity it deserves.

  • Threads for the workaround are being locked left, right, front and centre. I’m still tempted to try it anyway.

    Just wish the guys at valve were competent enough to get the release date on steam right in the first place. They had a couple of weeks to notice a green countdown box with the wrong numbers in it. If they did, no one would be complaining.

  • F*** this s***. Today I had my maths HSC, and I’ve been studying and ignoring my gaming desires for this one day, after my maths hsc, and a week before my next exam, for a few hours of gaming bliss. WHY?!?!?!?!

    I’d do the VPN workaround, but a) i don’t have enough time, b) i cbf’d, c) I don’t wanna get banned.

    Poor show, guys, I’m really, really, really disappointed. This, combined with the fact I epic failed my exam, has ruined my day.

    The art style isn’t even that good anyway, Borderlands. Take that.

    What I don’t get is why they don’t just let us activate it. We’ve got the files, and the US one is obviously ready to go, so why can’t they just say, ok guys, we’ll let you, but just this once?

    • I feel your pain. Well less so, my uni exams don’t start till next Tuesday but I really would’ve liked to play it before I bunker down and do some hardcore study (as opposed to the half arsed segmented crap I’m doing now).

  • This is very disappointing.

    I realize that as far as 2K was concerned, the release date was always the 30th. But the date on Steam was the 26th. That was the date advertised when I made the purchasing decision.

    For them to change it after people paid for the pre-order is extremely misleading.

    As a customer I shouldn’t have to care about who’s fault this is. I shouldn’t have to doubt whether the facts given to me are correct. I should just get what I paid for.

    Both Steam and 2K points from me. I won’t be using Steam again for pre-orders and I will be telling friends not to either.

  • Oh noes! Someone call a wahmbulance stat!

    If you all cared so much, you should have actually CHECKED the release dates – pretty much everywhere said it was coming out on the 30th.

    • You mean the 23rd.

      Until it was pushed back because they hadn’t finished yet.

      And that we are expected to not take Steam’s “Buy it here and now, play with 3 other friends – look here it’s cheap” advertising.

      Until a mate told me he’d pre-ordered it on Sunday, I didn’t give 2 hoot about it.

      I looked where best to buy it – Steam was appealing because

      * $44.99USD is like – $48AUD – significantly cheaper than Retail shops.
      * I could play it on the 27th of October.

      This drew my business from OTHER retailers, due to the advantages advertised by Steam.

      With less than 1 hour to go – after the site had been advertising “Borderlands Australia” on “October 27th” for literally weeks – this has been changed.

      Screwing me the customer out of what i’d been lead to believe I was purchasing – and more importantly other retailers in Australia and online, who are/were competing with Steam for my business.

      • 100% agree with Geoff here.

        Great work Steam!
        Release date, wrong (again!).
        Content of actual game you pre-ordered, wrong.

        The only way this could get any worse is if they price suddenly also changed.

        They have already released the game, why can’t they just flip the switch and give it to the people who have already bought it? Answer, they can.

        If Australia really needs a separate-from-the-US Steam store, perhaps the only advantage will be that the ACCC can hold them responsible for screw ups.

    • Yeah, why should we believe the place we buy a game from, that’s stupid.

      We all should have checked every release website, not to mention they already delayed the PC version of this game a week, and console version broke street date… Oh and its out in US…

      lolwut indeed.

      • Would’ve taken less time to check than to baaaw about it on Kotaku.

        And more fool you if you swallow whatever the sales pitch is without looking into it first. Would you buy a car or a house based solely on what the person selling it to you said?

        Slightly extreme example, but the way people are acting as though the sky is falling because of a 3 day delay that isn’t really a delay, you would think the purchase was that momentous.

        tl;dr – info was out there, get over it

        • @lolwut
          “Would you buy a car or a house based solely on what the person selling it to you said?”


          What’s you point?

          Are you saying I should research my computer game purchases like I research buying a car or house?

          Excuse me for having a fucking life.

          I was given the wrong info. I’m not crying about it but I do think I have a right to complain about it.

          • I put it to you that your having the time and passion to come on here and nerd rage about a non-existant three day delay for a video game suggests that you don’t have a life.

            Like I said, anyone who cares enough about the game to come on here and baaaw about it’s delay should have been well enough informed about the game to be aware of the 30 October release date.

    • Why should i have to preempt the date being wrong? If i see something advertised as ‘released on X date!’ and it doesnt happen, i am entitled to be angry.

      In the same vein, if i wanted to buy a game for X dollars, and i take it to the counter and it tally’s up to more, i am also entitled to be angry.

        • No, I can grasp the concept full well, but I’m not so naive (or downright stupid) to expect ethical behaviour from businesses that ultimately exist to make money from me. Ever heard of the term buyer beware?

          Every media source I’ve come across said the PC release date was 30 October. If you were so desperate to play the fucking game that you would bother coming on here to cry about a three day delay, you would have noticed this.

          If so, it shouldn’t really be surprising, if not, you’re a halfwit.

          Either way, get over it. You still got the game cheap, you’ll still get to play it. Is your life so devoid of meaning that waiting three days for a video game causes you such distress?

          • Naive? It’s actually a legal requirement. Its why we have things like the ACCC so customers do not get exploited like this. I’d love to get this for my PS3 but can’t refund as I got it in a four pack, and thought the release would be the same (as it was when I pre-ordered). You can’t deny that its a cluster fuck situation.

            you have already expressed that you have the xbox version, you know the one you got early. So why dont you go and play your xbox version and stfu.

            Much love.


          • lol, but according to you, you’re getting exploited anyway – your blind faith in “legal requirements” and toothless tigers like the ACCC while you protest about your percieved shafting further betrays your naivete.

            To reiterate – it’s three days, get over it.

  • Sweet!!! The more that goes wrong with this game the better.

    Enjoy another serving of karma Randy Pitchford!


  • haha

    “OMG NEVER EVER USE IT AGAIN!” *cry* … serious ?

    Get the f— over it!
    I’m disappointed coz I wanna play when I get home… but I’m not getting cut at anyone about a mistake.

  • The thing that annoys me most is if I didn’t preorder on Steam I could walk into either of the local game stores and pickup the PC version right now.

  • First you change it to this ugly art style now THIS!

    “There was a slight mix-up with the release dates.”
    That’s it??
    I’ve seen so much false advertising for the PC version. Steam stated 26th, last week this (AU) website had 23Oct plastered all over it.

    Hey 2K why don’t you come out and give us the truth on why there’s such a difference between console & PC release, huh?

    There’s no reason anymore..everyone has it installed on their computers, they AREN’T going to buy the F****** console version…just release it already..

  • Regardless of the announced street-date, those who purchased a preorder did so believing they were getting a better deal; and no one from Valve/Steam, 2k or Gearbox happened to notice the *seriously* erroneous error? Only to fix it literally before going live. This is a breach of trust and one of the key reasons why there are ombudsmen to report and prevent false adverting in many countries. Empty threats of cancelling preorders or downloading pirated copies do nothing to help the situation – we’ll get the game in due time, but hopefully the correct version. Compounding their errors only makes it harder to trust digital distribution for many people and worse yet adding another nail in the coffin for those that still support PC gaming (yes, we still exist and every day I wonder why I do still bother).

    I don’t expect a miracle, but many customers worldwide were duped and deserve more than a flippant offhand “sorry” after pulling the plug at the 11th hour.

    I wonder if anyone locally has broken street date? 😉

  • Wow, talk about gaming in the crapper. I took time off my lunch break to return my 360 copy of Borderlands (wanted to get my fix before the PC version lands) knowing that it’ll be sitting on my Steam account by the time I got back from work. I’ve always assumed the release date was 27th since I base my information on Steam.

    Steaming pile of shit.

  • These guys are fucked. Even worse i have spent 8 gig downloading the wrong version. I cant beleive you could fuck something so straight forward up.

  • Jesus, false sense of entitlement much?

    The Australian release date for the PC is the 30th (since the delay on the PC version was announced). So Steam stuffed up and had it showing the 26th instead of the 30th. BFD.

    Use the VPN stuff mentioned before or just man up and enjoy it when it’s officially unlocked on Friday.

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