Borderlands Wasn't Censored For Australia, But Somehow Was Anyway

Australians who pre-loaded the PC version of Borderlands found an extra file hinting their version was a "low-violence" flavour. 2K, according to Ausgamers, said no censorship was made to receive classification Down Under, and they're "working on clearing this up".

Pre-loaders of the PC version over Steam found the file "borderlands_low_violence.ncf" in their download; it's not a part of the North American version. When contacted about the file, 2K Australia said:

We have been talking to the US 2K team via email and working out how this happened/ what the next steps are to amend this via Steam. They're working on clearing this up with Valve right now and know to ask how they will handle those people who have already d/l'ed the wrong version.

So, bottom line for Aussies: No content changes were made to receive classification, but this file does make the game "a wrong version". 2K promises to have this cleared up by October 30 — three days after October 27, the game's original unlock date for Europe and Australia.

Whew! Glad they're hot on the case. Because, for real, seeing a level-18 bruiser's face melt off, and his eyeballs pop out and roll down a flight of stairs after a critical shock sniper attack, is simply not to be missed. Not that I'm rubbing it in or anything.

Borderlands Accidentally Censored for Aussies on Steam [Ausgamers]


    "...seeing a level 18 bruiser’s face melt off, and his eyeballs pop out and roll down a flight of stairs, after a critical shock sniper attack, is simply not to be missed."

    Or a level 30 Lance Defender's body turning into a glowing orange husk after a burning critical before disintegrating; leaving there shied spinning on the floor.

    What frustrates me is the banner currently displaying on this page, it's a banner for Borderlands, AND IT KEEPS SAYING OCTOBER 23RD!!!!!

    Why do you taunt us Aussies in our own version of Kotaku!!!!! Right after I have to fight the PSP Ad just to get here.

    Wait, so are they now saying that this removal of a single file is the reason for a three day delay?

    For shame.

    Excuse me Gearbox... but WHAT. THE. FUUUUUUUU--

    I have a teeny tiny 512kbps connection and I'm trying to download this SEVEN GIGABYTE game via steam... and now they want to tell me I've got the WRONG FREAKING VERSION?!? I don't usually get riled up about this sort of crap but DAMN. They couldn't have figured it out a little earlier than on the day?

    There had better be a patch because I sure as hell am not going to re-download the whole freakin' thing again. I'll demand a refund AND compensation for used bandwith if they pull that move...

    *grumble grumble*

      If you're with Telstra, you can set it up in the options so that it doesn't count towards your cap.

      I think Steam has just gone "fuck it" and started giving us all the German files.

    There were a couple of people who were asking if this was the case (censored or not) over the past couple of weeks right here in the KotakuAU comments when they noticed that it was listed on Steam as Borderlands - Australian Version or something along those lines.

      Uh, yes, there was a suspicion that it might be a censored version quite a while ago - and that didn't give them a hint about maybe double check that they had not uploaded the bloody wrong version. Instead, they wait the last minute when everybody did already download the bloody 8 gigs (thinking that the release was today etc etc). Next thing you know we'll be downloading it all over again. Oh no, wait, I won't, quotas busted, welcome to Oz, new release date for me: 10 November... Great...

        In response to space monkey, I'm sure it will be a patch.

    Wait what? So today was supposed to be the unlock date? Whatever, I'm annoyed nevertheless about the 30th release date and somewhat amused that this mix up happened.

    2K promises to have this cleared up by Oct. 30 – the game’s original unlock date for Europe and Australia.

    Get your facts straight, the game comes out on the 30th in Europe and Australia, and It's been that way for a LONG time.

    Steam got it wrong for the same reason you did; it doesn't hurt to CHECK these things.

      it doesnt hurt but it takes time... you would know this if you bothered to check your post for imperfections (apparently it doesnt hurt to do so)

        it was the 27th my EB has the PC version on the shelfs today the 27th

        the console version was the 23rd in aus but i also saw it on the 20th

        ppl who take a day off work just to play a game is kinda sad tho


    follow those instructions and you'll be playing away.

    Get hamachi for a LAN game instead of steam.

    I just got home after a very long day of work to find that Borderlands IS STILL NOT UNLOCKED. When I purchased it it quite clearly said the 27th and it's said that all along.

    What. The. Hell.

    I woke up at 6 Am this morning to start playing. And guess what not the 27 but now the 30th Oct. Do I have to take another day off or what. Steam said 7 hours last night and they know I live in Aus. (I know that cause I tried to purchase a steam game in Singapore and said I was in the wrong region for my account. Hey come on now! Seriously.

      I thought it was always the 30th.

    Sabmac - I have the same info - Oct 30th.
    Otherwise, I'd be too busy playing it to reply to this post :p

    ES&D Randy Pitchford...have a another fat serving of Karma.

    How dumb do ID look? HA! Beat you regretting all your stupid comments now.

    Congratulation on the biggest game release fail for 2009.

    *Golf Clap*

      I wish my game would sell several million copies... I'd love to be that kind of failure.

      Stop being a fucking idiot. id are not some myspace angled internet girl you should be white knighting.

    You can fix this without downloading it all again. After decrypting your files you can delete “borderlands_low_violence.ncf” and then verify data integrity in steam to make sure all the files are correct thus getting rid of the censorship without downloading another 8GB.

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