Box Art For Fated Left 4 Dead Sequels Might Look Like...

What we really want to see is Left 4 Dead 11. Above image, as seen on 2ch.


    So left 4 dead has basically become valve's madden/guitar hero/call of duty?

    Here's an idea, instead of making sequels to games that don't need them, how about you FINISH EPISODE THREE

      FINALLY someone that sees what NEEDS to be done. It's been 2 years since episode 2...isn't the point of episodic releases to make MORE games in LESS time?

    yeah for L4D11 they might include a toe and give the hands thumbs

      I don't think that was what he was going for...

    up next super left 4 dead championship edition turbo hd remix 4!

      And then the inevitable Valve vs Capcom fighting game...!

    I'm excited for Left 4 Dead 2, though I think it could have been handled as an expansion of the first game. All these marketing dollars though mean more exposure for the new girl character who I'm sure will be drawn naked or modded with Gary's mod having sex with boomers when released. I'm sure Left4Nude will have 'em all on the first day. Sheesh.

    lol @ Left 4 Dead 5...

    Its too bad L4D4 has the same cover image as L4D1.. haha anyway these are hillarous! Nicely done :)

    Left 4 deads 4 and 5 appear to be releasing on the original xbox.

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