Bungie Alums Launch Moonshot Games

Bungie alumni Michel Bastien, Damián Isla, and Rob Stokes have reached escaped velocity and are now hurtling through space on a mission to deliver high-quality downloadable titles as the newly-formed Moonshot Games.

Moonshot Games is keen on taking years of experience working on AAA console titles and applying it to the downloadable games market in order to create something out of this world. Managing director Michel Bastien was the production lead for Halo 2 and 3. Director of technology Damián Isla was Bungie's AI and gameplay engineering lead. Creative director Rob Stokes was a writer, mission designer and design lead for the Halo franchise. Together they hope to prove that the little guys can be great as well.

"The Moonshot team firmly believes that the stars need not be limited to multimillion-dollar projects supported by armies of ground crew. There is a place in history for that small, nimble craft, built smartly on a modest budget, and piloted by expert hands. "

A team with this sort of pedigree is definitely worth keeping an eye on. Check out Moonshot Games' official website to see how good they are at stretching a metaphor.


    They are far from little guys with that sort of portfolio.

      I think it was more about the fact that they no longer have the budget, staff or facilities that the "big guys" have.

      Regardless of what they have made before, they are chancing it and going out on their own with a modest budget, a small team and (hopefully) a lot of talent. I didn't like the Halo games, but I won't say that the teams who made them weren't talented.

      It's going to be interesting to see what they come up with.

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