But Does Forza 3 Look Different From Forza 2?

Forza Motorsport 2 was released in May 2007. Forza Motorsport 3 will be released later this month. Lots can happen in two years, but is one of those things a radical overhaul in graphics?

New features for Forza 3 include things like like vehicle rollover, an in-car driving view and one button assisted driving as well as the inclusion of trucks and SUVs.

Forza 3 will race onto the Xbox 360 on October 27 in North America and days before that for Europe.

Xbox360『フォルツァ モータースポーツ3』 前作とのグラフィック比較画像 [はちま起稿]


    Is it bad that I think that 2's images looked better than 3's!?!?!?!?!

      No it's not bad, cause I think the same thing as well

    ^ I thought that aswell lol

      i thought fm2 looks better the fm3 to lol....

    Trees look better in the last shot. That's about it.

      And the road :P the tyre tracks look better and the grain of the bitumen is more pronounced but the cars look quite a bit more fail and...small..

        Yeah, that's pretty much what I was thinking...

    This is an aweful demo of the differences.. just try playing the demo and u can easily see. The detail isnt shown from this view until u zoom right in.

    Forza 3 graphics are way better than forza 2 despite what this shows. They are using the same tracks which sorta makes sense however the newer tracks have better graphics as they were designed for ver 3.

    Yup, Agree and I didn't expect that.

    they are different views which makes it harder 3 is more zoomed out

    These pictures are a horrible example of the differences. In the first set of pictures the FM2 pic has the sun shining on the car causing a nice lighting reflection and the FM3 pic does not.

    You really need to see the games in motion side by side. Play FM2 then boot up the demo for FM3 and you will see the differences. FM3 looks a lot better.

    That being said, the track detail and shadows do look better in FM3 in the above pics.

    Why in the hell are you people saying Forza 2 looks better? There's nothing worse in racing games than being blinded by the abused bloom shader as you're trying to squeeze into a tight turn or avoid an accident. I'm glad Forza 3 looks the way it does.

    And for those of you that don't know what I'm referring to, there's a VG Cats comic that was even mentioned on Kotaku way back when. Here are the the links:

    Forza 3 demo is a LOT smoother, too. It never skips a beat regardless of what's going on. I think that's better than any improvement in graphics.

    I was kinda thinking the same, some of 2 shots looked better. Either way its certainly not a massive jump in grahpics.

    They basically look the same but im sure F2 looks a little better.

    After playing F3 demo... that first level is beautiful though!

    After taking a close look.....

    Forza 3 has better car shine and so the cars look slightly more real.

    Also lets not forget the in car HUD in this game which i thought was a blast with my driving simulator setup.

    I own F2 and the F3 demo looks significantly better, this is a horrible line up of comparisons... that being said, the F3 shots above look much better than those of F2. F2 looks really arcadey compared to F3.

    You need to make a vid of them running alongside each other. The pics are too difficult to tell because the 3 ones are more zoomed out and you can't really see the detail in either game properly from these pics.

    From playing the Forza 3 demo and Forza 2, I know that Forza 3 looks a whole lot better, these screens just don't show it.

    I wouldn't care if the cars were wireframes. Gameplay > graphics. From the looks of the demo Forza 3 feels great.

    After looking at the screenies I was baffled F3 looked so bad. Then I loaded up the demo and I can safely say these screenshots can go screw themselves.

    The graphics still aren't GT quality (or at least what the graphics look like in promotional marketing -_-) but they're heaps better than F2. The only complaint I have is my car was going through the shadow of the mountain and the red colour of the car felt too bright. Thats it. The game is gorgeus and it still seems to be at 60FPS.

    Chill to some of you, I wasn't saying Forza 3 DEFINITELY has worse graphics, Im saying those PICTURES up there for Forza 3 are worse than the Forza 2 pics. I think they should've taken some much better ones for sure lol instead of some very blurry ones.

    Not too sure how much difference it makes, but anyone noticed that the F2 shots are at speed while the F3 ones are while the car is moving a lot slower/stopped?

    Not all the cars are moving in the screenshots, the forza 3 one's the cars generally stopped or moving slowly, speed generally affects graphics through fps, this is no way to compare them, but its clear that Forza 3 has superior graphics anyway.

    And the road :P the tyre tracks look better and the grain of the bitumen is more pronounced but the cars look quite a bit more fail and…small..

    If you play the demo youll see the graphics have been tweaked to look a little better, no major leap though.

    Honestly I'm just buying the game because it's new and cockpit view. Can't wait.

    There is something wrong with the 3rd image. The one with the red car and white stripes. The two images aren't even from the same track! The Forza 2 image is from Suzuka, first corner, I think. The Forza 3 image is not Suzuka first corner, or even a corner on the Suzuka track.

    Several major differences. One, in the Forza 2 shot, the track is in fill and in the Forza 3 shot the track is in cut. Look at the left side of the pictures. Secondly in the Forza 2 shot you see the front of the grand stand, in the Forza 3 shot you see the back of the grand stand. Thirdly, look at the track maps, completely different.

    So who knows how accurate any of the pictures really are.

    ugh, these small ass pictures don't do either game justice - but especially Forza 3. Check out these in-game Forza 3 screen shots. I think this will end any debate as to which is superior:


    Are you people blind or did you NOT click on the photos above? Click em' to make them bigger. Forza 3 is much more crisp and detailed. Its pretty obvious.

    F3 uses a newer game engine. Having worked on the coding, I can assure you that F3 is far superior in every way than F2..
    The emotion engine has been updated and also you will find that the extra care and attention my team have provided you will bring you many hours of pleasure.
    F3 will be a world wide seller, and we expect over 200 million units to be sold..
    I am currently playing F3 on my Ps3 and I like it, I am proud of my team.
    I hope to see you online soon..
    Peace and may God bless your soul...


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