Buy Your Cheap Halloween Costume On Xbox Live Marketplace

It's mid-October, which in my childhood was the time Dad would take me down to the TG&Y to buy a cheap, vinyl Spider-Man costume with flammable plastic mask.

If the smell of polypropylene, and dyes that run off when you sweat on 'em make you nostalgic, Xbox Live Marketplace is selling avatar costumes. There are 16 costumes for 240 Microsoft points, which translates to about $US3, which is probably what skinflint Dad paid for those hazmat suits Fletch and I wore.

Some getups, however, do not come with masks and or hats, which run another 80 points. The razor-blade apple and LSD-dipped tootsie pop are not available at this time.

Halloween Costumes [Xbox Live, via Hot Blooded Gaming]


    This is the sort of thing that should be free (and always is in things like MMOs and online chat game things)...

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