Can You Name Every Critter Crunch PlayStation Homage?


    lol ookay. I see God of war, patapon, MGS, Okami, assassins Creed and Fez which i'm pretty sure was coming to xbox live only...

      Yeah wtf is with the fez one... hah sony wish.

    Wait... is the last one Flow?

    Kratos, Helghast, Patapon, Ryu, Sweetooth, Assassin's Creed, Old Snake, Okami, Sackboy and Fez.

      Also; Clank, Flow and Sly Cooper

        3rd one is Collossus.

    ?, Kratos, Shadow of the Collosus, ? , Killzone, Papaton, Ryu, Twisted Metal, Sly Racoon, Assassins Creed, Old Snake, Okami, Sackboy, Fez, Flow

    Ok, the ones that haven't been mentioned yet that I know:

    First one is Rachet? (maybe)
    Third one is a Colossis
    Fourth is Clank
    First one is the third row is Sly Cooper

    First one is the mascott to Critter Crunch so I WIN! I got them all; In order:

    Critter Crunch, Kratos, Collossus, Clank, Helghast, Patapon, Ryu, Sweet Tooth, Sly Cooper, Altair, Old Snake, Okami, Sackboy, Fez and Flow.

    Let's see if we can get them all.
    1. Not sure 2. God of War 3.Shadow of the Colossus 4. Clank
    5.World War Zero, or whatever it's called 6. World of Goo 7.Ryu 8. Not sure
    9. Sly Cooper 10.Assasin's Creed 11. MGS4 12. Okami
    13. Little Planet 14. Fez? 15. Flow

    For more lols, check out the VG cats Kirby collection

    1. Jak
    2. Kratos
    3. Resistance
    4. Clank
    5. Killzone
    6. Patapon
    7. Ryu
    8. Twisted metal?
    9. Sly
    10. Assassins
    11. Snake
    12. Okami
    13. Sackboy
    14. ??
    15. Flow

    Sweet tooth! kool!

    cute little fuckers

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