Capcom Has Not Given Up On Arcade Super Street Fighter IV

Just because there is not going to be an arcade version of Super Street Fighter IV, that doesn't mean you should give up on it. Capcom isn't.

On the Super Street Fighter IV Blog, Assistant Producer Natsuki Shiozawa writes, "It's not that an arcade version of Super Street Fighter IV isn't possible. That's one thing I really want to get out there, that we never said to give up on an arcade version."

Shiozawa then tries to appeal to those who want to play it in arcades and at home by talking about how much fun the finished product will be. According to her, the game is maxing out the PS3 and Xbox 360 hardware.

SUPER STREET FIGHTER IV|スーパーストリートファイターIV オフィシャルブログ [NAKKY Blog]


    simultaneous pc release please.

    Oh god, please enough with SF, number 4 was already lacklustre and proved that the fighting mechanics were already aged.

    pff screw the arcade stuff how about not giving up on making this an add on? DLC or piss off capcom

    It can't be to hard to change the boards over in the arcade machines. I don't see why arcades wouldn't want the best version of SFIV. I would head on down to my local arcade to play it for sure. I used to go to Timeout at Box Hill (VIC) all the time to play SFIV before the xbox version came out and I easily put over $100 into it.

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