Check Out Epic Mickey Enemy

Since Warren Spector's new Disney game is a Wii exclusive, you'll have to imagine this official character sketch as rendered by the Nintendo Wii, not an artist's pencil.

The sketch was done by a character artist at developer Junction Point and shows the first good look at an in-game enemy — the robotic Beetleworx. Mickey also makes an appearance.

There's a three minute time lapse video of the sketch if you are into time lapsing.

Sketching Mickey: The Time-Lapse Video - Features [GameInformer via Dtoid]


    Shame the game will ultimately fail due to the limitations of the shitty hardware it has to work with.

      I agree Brandon. Gerby have you never played a classic playstation or nintendo 64 game and had fun? Im guessing not since your opinion clearly states that graphics = fun. Im more of a gameplay man myself.

    Cry some more Gerby. Wii can handle cartoonish games rather easily - just look at SMG. It's not going to be a realistic game, with a creepy little mouse with oversized ears but it will have realistic enviroment elements (I'm guessing here).

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