Computer Classic Archon Returning To PC

It's only taken 25 years, but classic computer game Archon is returning to the PC.

Archon will be coming back with new multiplayer game modes that support up to four player team and versus battles as well as classic 8-bit or modern versions of the game. The new PC title will also include online leader boards, achievements, HD resolution and online support.

Chad Lee, owner of developer React Games, says the decision to bring the classic back to the PC was driven by the game's success on the iPhone.

"In bringing Archon to the PC we've really focused on maintaining the classic feel of the original game," said Brad Moss, Design Lead at React Games. "That said, there were aspects of the title that needed updating for the modern audience. For example, the addition of 4 players was never in the original, but it adds so much fun it feels like it always belonged there."

Other additions include the ability to level up characters, power-ups and new board layouts. Pre-sales for the game kick off on October 15, Lee said.

React Games is also about to launch a new Archon-based iPhone game. This one, unlike the first which was a remake of the original game for the iPhone, will be a single-player experience with four campaigns, 60 quests and unique enemies and characters.

The game will also support Ngmoco's Plus+ tech, meaning it will have awards and a leader board.

Archon: Conquest was submitted to the App store earlier this month, Lee said, so it should be out any day now. Lee also said that

React Games

Comments many remakes these days.
    Is that something to do with people losing creativity? Wanting to make a quick buck? Taking the easy way out?
    Or is it offering fan service?
    I wonder...

    This is a game I haven't played since my Commodore 64 died, I'm very very keen to play this again.

    Ihoping that in bringing back these older games, current dev's will get some awesome lessons in gameplay and see how simple mechanics still work.

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