Coruscant, Where Nothing Grows — Except Power

Oh great. I've been calling it Corrus-kant all these years. Next someone's gonna tell me I've been mispronouncing Eidos, too. Well, however it's pronounced, this six-minute vid shows us how BioWare built the city-planet of the Star Wars Universe.

From a design perspective, Coruscant is a planet with zero percent terrain, which poses its own challenge. The city also has an enormous vertical dimension to incorporate, with skyscrapers soaring overhead, and unruly, bombed-out subterranean areas underneath.

The Making of Corsuscant []


    Awesome. I'm just wondering whether Coruscant is going to be a hub/city world or just a normal adventuring zone. It's great that the developers put so much thought and effort into this thing.

    3000 years prior to the Star Wars movies and they have nearly indistinguishable technology, with blasters, ships etc. Really? Not a single definitive advance in 3 millennnia?

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