Could Mass Effect Be Heading To The PS3?

Speaking at a gaming event in Poland this week, Bioware's Jay Watamaniuk mentioned the PlayStation 3 as a probable target audience for Mass Effect 2, Polygamia reports.

During the presentation, Watamaniuk mentioned three platforms that Mass Effect 2 is targeted at. They were Xbox 360, PC and "probably PS3".

Polygamia reports that Watamaniuk later seemed to be backing away from the statement.

The original Mass Effect was developed by Bioware and published by Microsoft Game Studios for the PC and Xbox 360. But in late 2007, Electronic Arts purchased Bioware.

Mass Effect 2 is currently listed as a PX and Xbox 360 only game. Earlier this week the game popped up on several sites for the PS3, but EA said it was a mistake.

Did Watamaniuk misspeak, or should PlayStation 3 owners start boning up on their Mass Effect lore? We've contacted Electronic Arts to try and find out.

Mass Effect 2 na PS3? Bioware mówi: "prawdopodobnie"


    I knew MS weren't publishing #2 but i forgot it was EA. So it kinda makes sense if they do bring it out on the PS3, cause well, it's EA.
    MS totally should have purchased Bioware.

    Here's hoping Bioware ONLY want it on the 360 and they get a say and EA just leave it where it is and SHOULD be.

      I'd have thought that both BioWare and EA want to make money, which means you'd expect it'd show up everywhere.

      MS weren't going to buy BioWare - they seem to have gone off their early habit of purchasing up developers like Rare, Bungie, etc. Maybe because it didn't work out for them - Bungie wanted to go their own way again and Rare haven't made anything decent since being taken over by MS.

      MS these days seem to prefer spending their money on (usually timed) exclusivity for specific games and/or content. I guess they figure it's cheaper to get first dibs on the milk rather than buy the entire cow, especially since their record of cow-maintenance is a bit patchy (see Rare, Bungie again).

    Obviously the sequel will be seperated as a single story for the second, but if you've missed the first then the second would be souless.

    What difference to you does it make whether it's published on one or both?

      It matters because they either to a half-assed direct port to the PS3, bringing the game down, e.g. Orange Box, Madden, or they spend a lot of development time on it, which could be spent on the latest and greatest, instead of a year-old game.

        SO, it's better if they just leave it. Sorry I never read over my comments, so they often don't make.

    What a d**k comment^

    Having MS buy developers will be horrible because they will force exclusivity on them and that is just bad.

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