Creat Declares Mushroom Wars On PSN

Tomorrow Creat Studios launches Mushroom Wars on the PlayStation Network, and it could be one of the most adorable real-time strategy games ever created.

Simple gameplay, quaint graphics and catchy music are the key features of Creat's Mushroom Wars, a fast-paced real-time strategy game coming to PSN tomorrow. Players of all ages can participate in battles between two rival mushroom tribes through 18 levels in Skirmish mode and 25 levels worth of Campaign mode, building up their bases, bolstering defences and improving weapons as they strive for total fungal domination. Featuring both short Domination matches and long Conquest battles, Mushroom Wars should have something for every sort of RTS fan.

"Creat Studios is excited to introduce Mushroom Wars as our seventh title on PlayStation® Network in 2009," said Anton Petrov, President of Creat Studios. "Gamers of all ages will quickly become addicted to Mushroom Wars, with its strategic and engaging gameplay."

There you have it. Creat Studios wants you addicted to mushrooms, starting tomorrow.


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