CrimeCraft Going Free-to-Play By Month’s End

CrimeCraft Going Free-to-Play By Month’s End

The FPS-MMO-WTFBBQ CrimeCraft offers a “free unlimited trial” by the end of October, according to publisher Vogster Entertainment, which will effectively move the game into three tiers — free, $US5 and $US10 subscriptions.

Vogster, subject of some bad financial news recently, made the announcement Friday, also promising a large content update concurrent to the new free-to-play mode. Should you take advantage of the free mode, CrimeCraft hopes you’ll want to get better weapons, items, cash and advancement by paying for one of its two subscription models.

CrimeCraft’s gone off to some pretty poor reviews, so, just because something’s free doesn’t mean you have to buy it. Seen another way, at least the game is being offered for what it’s worth.

CrimeCraft Goes Free to Play [EvilAvatar via Joystiq]

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