CryEngine 3: Beauty, Speed And Interaction

The latest demonstration video for Crytek's CryEngine 3 shows off the amazing things the game engine can do on the Xbox 360, PlayStation 3 and PC.

While I don't normally get all hot and bothered over tech demos, I have to admit that I am thoroughly impressed by what Crytek has achieved with CryEngine 3. The animations alone have me looking forward to seeing what developers can do with the horsepower they'll be getting. Of course, giving a person a Stradivarius doesn't mean they'll automatically become a concert violinist. It's in the way that you use it. Here's hoping that CryEngine 3 gets used well.


    Will be a nice change to see it being used over UE3, I'm pretty tired of all games looking the same.

    Wow that looks brilliant, it's the next level.

    Wow. Just... Wow. Crytek deserve some serious kudos for their contributions to the industry.

    Well said Korwin.

    I don't think this will become the next UE3 anyway. Crytek probably won't let that happen cause half of the UE3 games were crap, well are crap.

    Like its said, its how you use it that depends on the outcome. Only those who really know what they're doing will be using this, well i hope!

    Me finks that island bit wasn't in game, or was, but on an extremely high end PC. Just looked too good to be real... I think Crysis 2 is going to be a disappointment on consoles, cause I just can't believe right now that they'll pull it off while keeping its only redeeming feature intact... the graphics. (I'm more than happy to be proven wrong, though) Because Crysis and Warhead on PC are beautiful examples of why PC exclusive gaming is a fundamentally flawed practice... the games look amazing, but play like... ugh.

      Well Said

      If you can explain how PC exclusives automatically play terribly (without sounding like a moron), I will give you a million dollars.

      The other part of your argument was that they look great. That's right, because they aren't limited by cheap and old console hardware.

        Actually all I said was PC exclusive gaming was fundamentally flawed... It's almost hard to fathom why someone would say PC is the best platform when PC games are such a dying industry. In terms of software, consoles have PCs happily beaten this generation. Look at the console exclusive release schedule compared to exclusive PC games... there ARE more and better games on consoles. And why do you think devs like Epic, Id, and Crytek are going console now?

        And I had a good lol at "cheap and limited"... Just because the hardware's better, doesn't mean you've got any games to play. Ultimate contradiction is, most people pay for that hardware only to play console ports...

        I'm in disbelief at the sense of pride PC gamers have STILL... especially considering that it's no longer a platform kept alive by new and exclusive releases... but on life support with The Sims, Second Life, WoW and Counter Strike... gimme a break, catch up with were gaming is really at.

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