Darksiders Hits Jan 5

Apocalypse-packing action title Darksiders is hitting the Playstation 3 and Xbox 360 in early January, THQ announced today.

The game will be hitting North America on Jan. 5, Europe, Australia and New Zealand on Jan. 7 and Asia Pacific on Jan. 8.

THQ also announced that relaunch of their official Darksiders website. Darksiders will have gamers exploring an Earth 100 years after the biblical Apocalypse as War, one of the riders of the Apocalpyse. The game feature the art style of comic book artist Joe Madureira.



    Want more.

    And when are we hearing news on that Warhammer 40K RPG that Joe Mad was the art consultant for?

      ooo... 40k rpg?!?! that would be awesome..

      You're not talking about that 40k space marine based brawler with 'rpg elements' though are you? The last clip i saw for that looked absolutely terrible...

        If you are talking about Space Marine, the gameplay footage of it which came out (which I actually thought looked okay, except the bolter was so pathetic) is from a version of the game which was scrapped before relic took over full development from the company that was working on it.

        At least that's my understanding, it's unclear exactly what the gameplay will be like now.

    if this is coming out in january- why is it on the coming soon shelves in EBgames? its after fricken xmas...

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