DC Universe Online Gets Bizarro

Sony Online Entertainment didn't just release a new batch of DC Universe Online screenshots and concept art for Bizarro, who is not a clone of Superman gone horribly wrong.

Bizarro is one of Superman's more colourful villains, originally created back when comics were a great deal more lighthearted and fun. Today's Bizarro is a bit more tragic—an imperfect clone of the man himself who really just wants somewhere to belong. He has powers comparable to Superman, only some are switched—heat vision becomes ice vision; ice breath becomes flame breath. One would think he'd be super weak instead of super strong, but that would be no fun. In fact, Kryptonite, Superman's bane, actually makes Bizarro stronger, so if they were ever both locked in a room with a hunk of the green stuff, Bizarro would crush Clark Kent's head like a grape. Good times.


    Me hate.

    Part of me kinda still wants to see Nuclear Man from Superman IV: The Quest for Peace tho- Solar powered villains are so hard to come by these days...

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