Details About Project Natal Pricing Emerge

At an Microsoft event today in New York City, exec Robbie Bach talked about how the pricing for the upcoming motion controls Project Natal will work.

According to Variety, Bach said that the pricing will start high and decrease over time. "Relative to Natal," said Bach, "we'll see how the pricing cost works out. But people should except that it will go through the usual price curve."

The tech was first demoed at E3 in Los Angeles earlier this year. Microsoft seems to be approaching Project Natal as its own platform, and not simply a peripheral. When asked when Project Natal will no longer be referred to by its code name "Natal", Bach replied, "When we tell you to call it something else."


Elsewhere during the event, Bach discussed mobile gaming, possibly feeding the flames of those waiting for a portable Xbox gaming device. According to Bach, "The portable market is important." He's right, it is. But important enough for Microsoft to launch its own platform? Continuing, Bach stated, "So in the gaming space, you need to make a fork in the road decision on whether you're going to do a portable device or focus on phones. The way technology is advancing with phones, [they are]going to be a very strong platform. The only think holding it back today is battery life."



    Sounds like Natal may cost alot.

    Realistically, the handheld gaming market isn't as big as consoles. Handhelds may have more numbers to their name than consoles, but handhelds are usually (PSPgo exception) cheaper than consoles themselves.

    If you look at things like software & accessories, it all adds up that consoles are the bigger business. Not only that, MS are still new to gaming compared to Sony or Nintendo.

    Although there are more DS' than Wii's themselves, doesn't mean games sell better on handheld than console, its pretty much the opposite. So if MS were to consider (if they haven't already - in terms of actually currently developing something) for the handhelds, then they need to look at just the bigger picture which i'm sure they will do.

    The PSP is no bomb. It does perfectly fine however people choose not to believe so because of the numbers the DS makes. Theres price and appeal that comes down to how well something sells.

    A portable Xbox will obviously be on par with the PSP. It will definitely be more powerful than the DS and have less of a casual/kid appeal than the DS. Much like the 360 even though MS are attempting to make their products have a larger appeal which means a casual audience. This means the price & games available on a Xbox Portable will definitely be more identical to the PSPs range than the DS.

    So really, do the handheld market kids want another higher priced Portable gaming machine? I know Xbox fanboys will go nuts for one - i would probably buy one myself. But yeah, games & price will determine how successful it would be. I would say handheld market is much harder to be successful in than consoles.

      Microsoft are not really that new to gaming - sure they are one generation behind Sony in the console market, but you can't ignore the years of PC gaming experience they have. I can accept that they are the 'youngest' of the big three, but certainly not new.
      A Microsoft portable would be sweet - perhaps one modelled on the PSP Go (i.e. downloadable software) delivered over XBL... imagine being able to play your XBLA titles on the go (this is fantasy, I am aware of the technical difficulties of running HD quality software on a portable).

    *Expect not except

    Still have to see if this is all its cracked up to be. I'm just having visions of a crappy eye-toy rip-off. Seems like it will mostly be appealing to the casual gamer market though, which I personally am not really a fan of, thats why I have an xbox and not a wii.

    I wish they would just stick to what they've got, this is going to cost a lot since it's microsoft.

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