Digger Burrows Onto PSN Tomorrow

Creat Studios takes the 1983 PC classic Digger and gives it an HD makeover in Digger HD, arriving tomorrow on the PlayStation Network.

Digger was more or less a clone of the arcade game Mr. Do. You drive your mining vehicle around, digging tunnels, collecting emeralds and dropping bags of gold on monster's heads. Creat has left the gameplay mostly intact, giving the graphics, sounds and animations a fresh new look while adding in cooperative multiplayer for those of you who really dig playing with friends. They've even scored music from techno artists Candie Hank, Gangpol & Mit and GMG.

It looks like Creat has gone great lengths to preserve the original gameplay while making everything else better. I'm just not all that sure the original gameplay deserved preservation. We'll find out tomorrow when Digger HD goes on sale for $US9.99

Digger HD Available Tomorrow on PSN for $US9.99 [PlayStation Blog]


    I remember 'trying' to play this on my grandfathers computer years ago.
    I now realise that we had it set to the wrong graphics mode, so it looked REALLY bad. It was interlaced and flickery, and repeated with at least 4 overlapping images.
    So for that reason, this HD version doesn't look very faithful to my memory of the original ;)

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