Digital Rentals Built In To PSPgo?

Screwing around with the sorting feature on the PSPgo, someone's found there's only one way to arrange games and folders — by their expiration date. Expiration?

Renting a movie off of the PSN, now, that's something that would expire, and we're all familiar with that. Fareo at the Retail Gamer posted these shots with the same quality applied to games. And, purely speculation here, he reasons that since PSPgo owners are no longer able to rent games from GameFly or anywhere else—lack of the UMD drive and all that—such a service would only make sense. Wouldn't it?

Here's another screen proving his point.

Digitally Renting PSP Games? [The Retail Gamer]


    its also on the ps3, but im not sure if its just limited to closed betas though

      i was just about to say the same thing. its been in the info of ps3 games for ages. it has no real use other than betas. they're the only things ive seen with an expiry date. this isnt news, its screenshots of pointlessness. obviously someone who hasnt used a ps3 in the last 2 years.

        sure, it may have been used for closed betas but that doesn't rule out rentals. ps3 included. It's like you're saying that just because something has always been used for one activity means it cannot be used for another. Open your mind a little.

    I was going to say what Matt said - thats the only time I've seen expiry dates was in Betas on the PS3

    It makes sense as many people would be willing to rent a game rather than buy it, either for a quick fix and/or to try before you buy with the advantage being that you could save on money, just like a physical rental. Plus it equals more money for sony.

    Timed trial periods would be a great idea, with the rental cost deducted from full price if upgraded. Many local game rental locations have little of interest, esp UMD format- digital trials allow same catalogue for everyone as well as convenience.

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