Do You Know Whose Birthday It Was Yesterday?

Manaka's! The character from Konami's virtual girlfriend simulator for the Nintendo DS, Love Plus.

As we posted back in May, the first part of the game is standard fare: Players court three girls, trying to get them to fall in love. That's where most dating sims end — Love Plus is just getting started.

The second half is open ended. You've already got the girl, now what do you want to do? Want to touch her on her forehead, cheeks, arms, etc. via the touch pad? You can email her, call her via the DS mic and study together.

The game has been a hit in its native Japan and has a devoted following. How devoted? Check out all these birthday cakes that popped up on the Japanese internet. One individual event spent over US$50 on perfume, roses and cake for Manaka.

Happy Birthday, Manaka! Terribly sorry we forgot!!

「ラブプラス」 本日10月5日は高嶺愛花の誕生日です [プラティカルパ]


    I know to expect this every once in a while, but i still get a giggle out of it.




    Ahh, good olde lonely japanese guys, always good for a laff.

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