Does Xbox 360 Video Marketplace Work In Australia?

My Kotaku colleague couldn't get the Xbox 360's new movies on demand service to work properly. And neither could I, thanks to a tragically slow internet connection. But some Aussies have!

Over on Gizmodo AU, Nick has tested the Zune Video Marketplace, currently in beta but set for launch in November. He notes that while the service has been met with a lukewarm response in the US where they've had an Xbox Live Video Marketplace for several years now, it's a different story for Australia.

"Here in Australia, we have iTunes, we have TiVo and we have Foxtel, but the truth is that the Zune Video Marketplace is a much easier and superior experience to both of those."

Nick notes that "Microsoft have told us that in order to get an HD picture, you need a 3mbps connection, and 4mbps for Full HD." However, the results of another test of the beta suggest that might not be the case.

Over on, they report not being able to even use the service with a 10mbps connection. They had to uncap their speed to the full 16mbps before it worked. They've got a helpful video up as well.

Zune Video Marketplace Hands On: Oh Crap! I Need To Upgrade My Broadband Plan [Gizmodo] Exclusive - Tested: Xbox Video Marketplace in Australia []


    HEHE :)

      this isnt an issue for me 30mbps a second cable extreme connetion

      yaaahhhhhhhh booooooooooyyyyyyyy

    I have 1.5mbps and i could stream HD vids over the U.S market place fine with my US account. I am so excited to finally have something like to to spend my cash on :D

    The service is probably currently hosted in the US, which would explain the startup behaviour.

    Internode's US connection is excellent, but customers using Telstra's sucky links would have a different experience.

    Okay i'm missing out on the BETA. But in reality and overall - why does this crap matter??

    *Most Xbox 360 owners probably don't have a HD television. And of those who do - a lot wouldn't give a crap about HD picture and just have a HD TV cause they wanted a new one and ready for the digital transformation.

    Then there are those who once again dont give a crap cause they want their Xbox to play well, games! Oh and since we're in Australia its all about your download cap.

    Besides, can we even download these movies to watch later like you're buying from iTunes. Or just stupid instant streaming and can only watch there and then. Oh and whats the ridiculous cost that us Aussies are fed on a daily basis?

    *I have a HD Television. :-)

      "*Most Xbox 360 owners probably don’t have a HD television." Whilst this may be true, that doesnt mean that the digital distribution service offered here wont be beneficial as i'm pretty sure you have the option to run in SD or it adjusts the quality depending on internet connection and tv source.

      And yes you can download once purchased so it can run directly off the hdd. I assume pricing will be more than the U.S but is that really are surprise?

    me and my 160kb/s will just go cry in a corner then.

      Oh, me, and everyone else not in Sydney will have to join you..

    Hmmm so XBL Video will only be worth having in metro areas, where one would already have the best store choice to buy discs from anyway, WITHOUT chewing up your meagre Australian d/load limit. More remote locations, who dont have a wide range of video stores, cant use XBL Video efficiently anyway because of Australia's poor broadband speeds. ISPs need to catch up to overseas counterparts very quickly- expect online petitions to start very soon!

      Internet Petition = SRS BZNS!!1
      Try shaking your fist at them in anger. That usually works.

      all xbox live content is free with iinet :)

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