Don’t Expect More PixelJunk PSP Ports Just Yet

Don’t Expect More PixelJunk PSP Ports Just Yet

Kyoto-based developer Q-Games has brought its home console PSN PixelJunk experience to the PSP with PixelJunk Monsters Deluxe. It’s a first for the company, and perhaps, a last.

Q-Game head Dylan Cuthbert has stated that he doesn’t think the company will port anything else to the PSP, telling Kotaku, “We thought the PSPgo and the PSP-3000 were safe but a rip “that works on PSP-3000s” went up on the torrent servers the day after we released PJMD.”

The PSP port is optimised for the PSP screen and features all the content of the PSN tower defence original as well as a brand new island.

Concerned about piracy, Q-Games decided to release the game as digital-only, but not to avail. “Seeing it up on the following day was very depressing,” states Cuthbert.

A UMD version of the game was released, but in Asia, and it was not the full game. The pirated versions appearing online are the full game.

Piracy aside, if PixelJunk Monsters Deluxe isn’t a big PSP hit for Q-Games, then porting games over to the PSP could very well be more trouble than they’re worth.


  • It’s funny how developers belive that cutting out physical media and jumping to digital distribution will reduce piracy. There are people out there who crack games for fun, these guys/girls will find a way, sad but true.

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