Dragon Age And Mass Effect 2 Blood Dragon Armor Is Dead Sexy

BioWare gives us our first look at the Blood Dragon Armor, the special suit that comes with new copies of Dragon Age and can be used in Mass Effect II.

Are the fictional universes that Dragon Age and Mass Effect 2 take place in linked? You might think so after seeing this video, which shows us what Blood Dragon Armor looks like in both the medieval fantasy and science fiction settings. That's not the sort of design aesthetic you accidentally stumble on. I'd say cross-temporal cohabitation is probably unlikely though. Some armour designer in Mass Effect 2 is probably just a big fan of Dragon Age. It's their fictional world, and they can do what they like.


    I doubt it's that. EA have done this before, with Red Alert 3 and Warhammer online.

    As someone who never buys pre-owned games nor pirates games, I appreciate the sentiment... but is one set of armour really going to deter the people who do either of the aforementioned things?

    Dude's a dead ringer for Liam Neeson. And the Mass Effect 2 armour's T-visor reminds me of Boba Fett or Cylons.

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