Dragon Age: Origins Gets Day One DLC

The Warden's Keep, a downloadable add-on to Dragon Age: Origins that BioWare had been planning for some time, will be available as paid DLC the day the game releases, GameSpot reports.

Warden's Keep draws its name from the Grey Wardens, an ancient order involved in Dragon Age's canon. The DLC delivers a dungeon-based adventure, new abilities and items, and a trading base. It will cost 560 Microsoft points on Xbox Live Marketplace and $US7 on the PC when the game goes out Nov. 3, and then for $US7 on the PS3 when that version hits Nov. 17.

Additionally, BioWare said another piece of DLC, "The Stone Prisoner," will also be available day one. That pack is free to those who preorder the game or buy it new. For those who have to pay for it, it will be instantly available for 1200 Microsoft points or $US15.

Dragon Age Getting DLC Expansion on Day One [GameSpot]


    This is rubbish, If its done then it should be in the finished game. Why should I have to pay for content as soon as I get the game?

    I swear dlc is a fucking blight upon this industry.


    A RPP of $110 AUD in AUS vs a RRP of $55 AUD ($50 USD) in the US and now this!

    No way in hell am I going to be ripped off like this.

    Refuse to buy this game. Releasing paid extra content for a price before the game is even released is frankly disgusting. If Valve can, and do release all this free content, why should I accept anything else?

    There's enough other good games out this quarter for me to ignore Dragon Age based solely on principle. And that's exactly what I'll be doing.

    If it was free on PC and PS3, I could understand - that's just Microsoft charging for content via their premium distribution service. Why that's passed on to the already-subscribing customers I don't see any logistical reason for, but that's another issue. Instead, this is a blanket charge. And I will not suffer this greed.

    I'm reaching the point where I'm tempted to say "you used to be cool, Bioware". I blame EA.

    To those complaining. This is extra content, you seem to fail to understand that developing content costs money. I'm sure they only developed this because of the expected revenue it will generate amongst hardcore fans. If there was no option for dlc, this wouldn't even be in the game. They aren't holding back something that was going to be in the full game, so it isn't deminishing your capacity to enjoy the whole game. If you don't want this EXTRA content don't pay for it, jeeze. Talks of boycotts are rediculous. If you want to boycott it do so because it looks like a shifty generic dark fantasy game.

      The game hasn't gone gold yet, so I fail to see why it can't be included in the full game.

    Download the game for free... Problem solved... That way you're only paying for DLC.... If a DEV thinks they can get away with this then they can welcome BitTorrent.

    Once I run through the game I might get it. I did get four of the Fallout3 DLC before I got bored of it.

    I don't have too much against DLC.

    "BioWare said another piece of DLC, “The Stone Prisoner,” will also be available day one. That pack is free to those who preorder the game or buy it new."

    That to me sounds like you'll get a card with a code, kind of like the flashback map pack for Gears Of War 2. As far as the Wardens Keep goes, I may well buy it down the line somewhere but its unlikely to be on day one since I'll have the rest of the game to explore. Annoying price though, I hate having such a small amount of leftover points

    Never EVER pay full retail price for a game in Australia, if places like big W don't have it cheaper (still a ripoff for about $80 but LESS of a ripoff), stores on Ebay will. There IS also the whole lack of regions on the PC version and I've never met a 360 game that had region locks

      "I’ve never met a 360 game that had region locks"

      All Bandai-Namco games are region locked, many EA games are locked, virtually anything from Japan is locked...

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