Dragon's Lair Getting Squeezed Down For DSiWare

Classic laserdisc adventure Dragon's Lair is headed to Nintendo's DSiWare download service, according to a new rating from Germany's USK ratings board. Potentially good news for a game that was once bound for a regular Nintendo DS release.

Given previous portable announcements, consider our enthusiasm for yet another port of Don Bluth's beautifully animated Dragon's Lair measured. A Nintendo DS port of the game was announced a few years ago—along with a PSP version—resulting in little more than a press release and pair of posts on Kotaku. Maybe this time Digital Leisure's porting hopes and dreams will bear fruit?

You shouldn't really be lacking in platforms on which to play the thing, but if you have a long-running Dragon's Lair streak and Nintendo Points to spare, watch for it!

USK via GamerBytes]


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