Dress Your Avatar For Mass Effect

Dress Your Avatar For Mass Effect

My Xbox Live friends list should look a whole lot cooler now that Mass Effect space suits and clothing have hit the Avatar Marketplace.

Not that my friends don’t look amazing right now, with their steampunk outfits and little remote-controlled toys and all that. I just think they’d look much snazzier decked out in full body armour with a helmet. Unfortunately that look will run you 480 Microsoft points, but can you really pay too much for fashion?


New Mass Effect Avatar items [Major Nelson]


  • i checked it out way too expenzive when will Microsoft relise that these aerent stright away buys these are things people will buy if the have like 40 gamerpoints left and nothing to spend it on

  • See how the avatar on the right in the bottom picture is standing? Like some sort of supermodel? That is the single biggest reason I’ll never buy any of this stuff. The poncy pose of the avatar absolutely ruins any potential awesome of clone trooper armour, gears of war armour, mass effect armour…

  • I can’t believe people spend there money on new avatar clothing, It should be free, but why give it away if people are dumb enough to pay for it.

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