DS Lite, Xbox 360 Only Positives In This Week's Japanese Hardware Chart

Hardware buying was down ever so slightly in Japan this week, with Media Create's sales figures showing the Wii bearing the brunt of that slowdown. Two consoles were up, however — the Nintendo DS Lite and Xbox 360.

The latter likely has Forza Motorsport 3 to thank for its jump in sales. And though the Wii may have been harder in sales than its nearest competitor, the still strong PlayStation 3—which pulls further away from the Wii this week—a little bit more than half of the chart belongs to Nintendo platforms.

Will the announcement of the Nintendo DSi LL have an effect on DS/DSi sales on next week's chart? And what colour will we use to represent the third DS platform in the pie when it ships?!

  • Nintendo DSi - 42,199
  • PSP - 32,865
  • PlayStation 3 - 29,977
  • Wii - 25,917
  • Nintendo DS Lite - 6,550
  • Xbox 360 - 4,470
  • PlayStation 2 - 1,951


    all these different variations of the DS are just getting a little bit out of control for my liking!

    Nice to see the PS3 is in its stride now and not showing any signs of slowing yet =)

      If all PSP models are lumped together, then so should all the DSes.

        DSi is different to the DS Lite because it plays different games. The PSP go is not different, despite it being umd-less, as it does essentially play the same games.

    plmko, there is only VERY FEW, if THREE games that only support the DSi.

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